Andrew Robulack

who cares about international data privacy day

International Data Privacy Day came and went last weekend and I'm going to hazard a guess that you didn't really notice.

why isnt more technology like lego

2012 has been a bumpy year so far, and my mind hasn't been on the technology game at all. So I had to ask my eight-year-old son, Cole, for a column idea this week. "Tell everybody about how much I like LEGO," he says.

An iPhone user considers Windows Phone 7

There's that moment you get off a plane in a foreign land. The air smells different. You don't understand people when they talk to you.

crtc sends early christmas gift to northerners

Many northerners got an early Christmas present this year: telephone competition. In a CRTC ruling this week, Northwestel's monopolistic bubble was popped.

Mama, don’t let your baby read ebooks

A couple of weeks back I basically demanded we all abdicate paper-based books for plastic and bits. And I still stand by that, as long as you're over the age of 1.2 With kids, it's a different matter.

reading by the ebook

Three basic principles for buying an ereader I have this funny feeling that ereaders will be a marquee gift this holiday season.

Siri: The beginning of the end of computers

I hadn't planned to, but I ended up lining up in the wee hours a couple weeks back for an iPhone 4S. It was more a father-son bonding thing than a geek thing, to be honest.

on the impact of steve jobs too short life

I remember this night in 1980, standing in the front hallway of my family home in Toronto's West End. My mom and her best friend, "Aunty" Katherine, were weeping inconsolably in one another's arms. Their husbands stood by watching them uncomfortably.

whats next for apple

Not too long ago, I was often the only person in a cafe; using a Mac notebook computer.

Why Canada might give refuge to Moammar Gadhafi

The curly-haired dictator strides into the living room at 24 Sussex Drive, drops himself into a couch and tosses his muddied army boots up on the coffee table. "Laureen!" he shouts. "Champagne! I must celebrate my new home!" Mrs.

google plus might be worth my soul after all

In my last column I was sorta critical of Google Plus. I described it as a tool to harvest personal information for resale on the global ad market. I know I hurt Google's feelings with my words, but I still believe that's true.

will you give yourself to google for plus

Dear Google, I am now a citizen of Plus, and therefore your humble servant. I have been admitted into your rare realm of Circles, Huddles, Streams, Sparks, and Hangouts.

using facebook to organize a major hip hop event in whitehorse

It almost sounds like an impossible story from the off-kilter mind of director Spike Jonze.

you shouldnt do the things geeks say you should

Like every other geek, I get wrapped up in the possibilities that technology offers. I get lost in the gee-whiz and the whiz-bang. I blow hours playing with new gadgets and apps just to see what they do, or how they behave.

improving mobile phone signal in your home or office

Rather than juggle the cost and hassle of multiple phone bills, most of us are dumping Ye Olde Landline in favour of pocket-friendly mobile phones.

how to protect yourself from internet data thieves

So, in case you didn't know yet, Sony got hacked a couple of weeks ago. Big time. And then they got hacked again last week.

geek laments the day he voted conservative

Remember the election of 2011? The one where Stephen Harper's Conservatives barely eked out a majority government? I know it's only been a few years. But, wow. Things sure have changed since then.

vote for the internet

Forget the gun registry. Forget Afghanistan and Libya (most Canadians already have, after all). The hot button issue of this election is the internet in Canada.

off we go haltingly into the post pc era

We're firmly into what's commonly called the "Post-PC" era. The iPad has sparked the gradual demise of both desktop and notebook computers.

what do we use the internet for anyway

It was banned in Egypt. It was made a legal human right in Finland. It has its own government department in Australia, and it's the single-largest infrastructure ever built in that nation's history.