Andrew Robulack

Texting and driving? You’re an idiot.

It's that season again. Snow is on the ground and so Whitehorse drivers seem hell-bent on re-establishing themselves as the worst in Canada.

A minute of silence for Master Chief

What a remarkable collision of events this week. On Tuesday, the launch of the most expensive video game ever produced, Halo 4, competed for attention with the most expensive U.S.

we all share responsibility for amanda todd

Sure, there were specific bullies, predators and silent bystanders directly involved in the death of Amanda Todd. But we're culpable too, each and every one of us. To not accept that is willful blindness on our part.

not thinking of buying a windows phone you should be

I've been using a Nokia Lumia 800 running Windows Phone 7 off and on for a couple weeks. It's a uniquely beautiful device. And Microsoft's Windows Phone software is refreshingly different from competing products like Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Government powerless to limit economic damage

The sordid details of last week's telecommunications breakdown are well known, so I won't bore you with their goriness.

iphone still the best in a crowded market barely

As Apple introduces the latest generation of its iPhone this week, it's important to put the company's flagship device in perspective as just another smartphone in a crowded marketplace.

Is that your inbox in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

As summer sputters to a dismal close it's time to refocus on work and all of its tailings - like email. Yuck, right? Who likes email? Apparently we all do. We carry it around in our pockets.

Can we trust Apple with software and services?

The road to Apple's hardware success is littered with the detritus of dead software and services. Hypercard. AppleWorks.

NorthwesTel’s hero opportunity squandered

It's a brazen sleight of hand. NorthwesTel wants us to believe that upgrading phone and internet service depends on Bell buying Quebec's largest broadcaster. Don't fall for it.

rim is going somewhere to die

Canada's Research in Motion - RIM - screwed up. They owned the popular consciousness with the "Crackberry," and then suddenly dropped the ball. Then the ball rolled under the couch.

keeping your kids safe online is your job

Summer is finally here. That means kids are out of school with plenty of downtime. And you know what they say about idle hands, right? Well, it applies double to keyboards and touchscreens.

web 3.0 kamikaze business

Near the end of the Second World War, Japan began turning some of its aircraft into massive piloted bombs. Packed full of explosives, once in the air these planes would be unable to even land. Their human pilots had one mission: blow up.

mobile payments could make your ewallet a lot lighter

The idea of paying for things with your mobile phone in Canada is gaining momentum. Again. The politicians, the banks and the mobile carriers all stir this pot every few years.

Apple has problems that need fixing, too

Apple's been getting under my skin lately. I'd barely noticed it until the other day at lunch, when a friend brought up the company's battle with the U.S. Justice Department.

where theres clouds theres thunder

Wow, what a thunderstorm this week, eh? We heard it approaching on the horizon for a while, but I don't think any of us expected anything like that! What? Oh, no, I'm not talking about the weather. I'm talking about those clouds on the Internet.

cbc budget cut we asked for it

Facebook just spent $1 billion on a tiny little Internet startup called Instagram. Meanwhile, our own beloved/celebrated/maligned/despised CBC is figuring out how to suffer through a $115-million budget cut.

are tablets the perfect computer

The tablet has been adopted more quickly than any computing platform before. Have we reached the end game of computers, or is something even better on the way? Laptop computers took 12 years to reach 50 million people.

Are subscription music services the future?

It's been almost two years since I wrote about the subscription music service called Rdio when it first arrived in Canada. I'm a lot more bullish on it now than I was then.

time to turf that northwestel email address

Internet competition is coming. Maybe not today, or tomorrow. But it'll be here soon.

internet spying bill is the gun registry of the information age

Trading bullets for bits, the Conservative government is this week replacing the infamously invasive and expensive long gun registry with a disturbing piece of pricey government paranoia, the Internet registry.