Al Pope

A responsibility to protect, sometimes

Homa Arjomand, of the International Campaign Against Shariah Court in Canada, reports anti-Gadhafi forces in Libya are raping women to punish their husbands for serving under the Gadhafi regime.

A pair of honourable men

Last Wednesday, one day after the Yukon territorial election, I turned to the Yukon News to get all the final results, and to see what the various politicians, successful and otherwise, had to say about the race and about the future.

Dick Cheney and the burden of proof

When former US vice-president Dick Cheney made his book tour appearance in Vancouver this week, Human Rights Watch was calling on Canada to arrest him for war crimes.

The bitumen pipeline: brains or no brains?

The president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, which represents many of Alberta's oilpatch workers, is in Ottawa this week lobbying MPs to oppose the Keystone XL bitumen pipeline.

The Peel plan: A simple yes or no question

Imagine a vast mountainous wilderness, an untouched stretch of boreal forest, clean rivers you can drink from, abundant moose, grizzly bears, and waterfowl, great herds of migratory caribou.

How to stop a tyrant without going to war

When anti-Gadhafi forces overran Tripoli last month the first foreigner to reach the headquarters of the Libyan spy agency was Peter Boukhaert, the emergencies director at Human Rights Watch.

dude wheres my gazebo

On Monday, the Yukon Conservative Association held its annual charity barbecue. MP Ryan Leef, joined by Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board, manned the coals to raise some very badly needed funds for the Whitehorse Food Bank.

mourn then organize

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper surprised Canadians by offering a state funeral for former NDP leader Jack Layton.

theres no life like it

Listen, do you hear that creaking sound? That's the members of Canada's military straightening up a 43-year-old curvature of the spine.

News from the Fraser Institute: Just say no

The Fraser Institute's recent study on BC and Yukon schools was released this month, and as usual Yukon high schools fared badly.

stephen harper because he can

This Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his new cabinet, took a few questions from reporters, and then left the podium. Moments later his office sent round an email announcing the appointment of three new senators.

free trade with colombia the price of progress

When Canada's Parliament collapsed last month, an historic agreement was put on hold.

Election 2011: It comes down to trust

Just before leading her party to its worst electoral defeat in history, former Conservative leader Kim Campbell remarked that a 47-day election campaign was no time for a serious discussion about policy.

giving pot plants a place in the sun

Try this for a novel experience. Ask your doctor to prescribe smoking as a cure for what ails you. What do you predict will be the outcome? That's the dilemma faced by would-be medical marijuana users in Canada today.

Party staffers ditch the youth vote

In the 2008 federal election, only 37 per cent of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 24 voted.

elections a time for serious debate

With a federal election campaign underway, Canadians are pondering some of the burning issues of our times.

it cant happen here and other cant

This week, as Japan struggled with the aftereffects of a catastrophic earthquake, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed his deep concern - for his own job.

Brother, can you spare four million bucks?

Between 1879 and 1986 the government of Canada, aided by the churches, operated a residential school system for aboriginal children.

the in and out scheme clothespins for idiots

Joe Goudie never knew his name was involved in a scandal till he heard it at the local coffee shop. A former Newfoundland provincial cabinet minister, Goudie was a Conservative candidate in the 2006 federal election.

caught dead in arizona

This Wednesday, the Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee voted 9-4 to proceed with a bill to declare a state gun.