Al Pope

elections canada reports smear campaign in 200 ridings

During the 2011 federal election, I received a number of robocalls. But I didn't inhale. Nor will I be reporting the calls to Elections Canada, the National Post or the Council of Canadians.

how many liberal parties does canada need

The Globe and Mail reports this week that Canada's federal New Democrats are tied with the governing Conservatives in voter support.

Oil and gas: who can predict the future?

Andrew Nikiforuk, who writes about oil and gas development for The Tyee, reports this week that the industry's promise to reclaim the boreal forest after mining the tarsands is bogus.

The Right in decline: send out the clowns

Margaret Thatcher is demented. I don't say this unkindly, as I might have during her term in office as Britain's longest-standing and most destructive prime minister.

harper and lobo with friends like these

On August 12, 2011, Stephen Harper signed a free trade agreement with Honduras, making Canada the first country to so recognize the Porfirio Lobo Sosa government, installed in highly questionable elections after a military coup in 2009.

the road to certainty on the peel

Seven-year Peel watershed public consultation and planning process: $.16 million. Feeling the love at Mineral Exploration Roundup: priceless.

Privacy: is it only for the guilty?

Public Safety Minister Vic Toews told Liberal MP Francis Scarpaleggia this week that he could either support the Conservatives' new Internet snooping bill or "stand with the child pornographers.

mr. harper goes to china china sees him coming

On the first day of his trip to China this week, Stephen Harper signed a Foreign Investment Protection Agreement with his hosts. That makes 28 countries with which we've entered into a FIPA, or charter of rights for corporations.

Harper’s pension reform: manufacturing crises

Treasury Board president Tony Clement told reporters on Tuesday that "all options are on the table" to solve Canada's looming pension crisis.

dead babies lies and impunity. is it worth it

Eight armed men pull four unarmed teenagers and a taxi driver out of a cab and shoot them at point-blank range. They go on to kick down the doors of three houses, and slaughter 19 people in their nightclothes, including children as young as three.

Stop! Don’t feed that child!

Picture the loveliest thing you know. Now picture it with a beautiful baby nuzzling at it, those soft, translucent little eyelids closed in ecstasy, and a doting mother's face smiling down on the whole scene.

hijackers aint what they used to be

Western Canada is on hijack alert this week after two stark warnings from Ottawa. Prime Minister Stephen Harper led with the announcement that "foreign money" is being used to "hijack" the regulatory process for the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Ten years after, what have we learned?

The Globe and Mail reports that President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan would "welcome" the establishment of a Taliban office in Qatar, to serve as a headquarters for peace negotiations.

were you born in a barn1

According to an article in Wednesday's Yukon News, Humane Society Yukon is making plans to build a shelter for abused and neglected livestock.

Have you heard the rumour? Well, it’s not true

According to word on the street, the Yukon may soon be on the search for a new MP.

Don’t let it bring you down, it’s only trousers burning

Peter MacKay's dog is loyal. Fortunately for the Minister of National Defense, so is his boss, for now at least.

theres no such thing as garbage

Take a walk around the average landfill, anywhere in the world, and what do you see? Broken bottles, old tin cans, refrigerators and TVs litter the ground, but all of these put together shrink to insignificance beside the mountains of plastic packaging, p

Strangers get rich, locals get desperate

De Beers Canada's Victor Mine, located in the James Bay area of northern Ontario, was named "Mine of the Year" by Mining Magazine in 2009.

from my cold dead hands

According to a mail-out from Agriculture Canada and the government of Yukon, Canadians are now required to register their pigs. Under the National Agriculture and Food Traceability program, all pigs must be registered, for safety purposes.

fair representation power to the urban people

Last week, Canada's Conservative government introduced a bill to create 27 new electoral ridings in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario.