Al Pope

It will come up

After Nordicity has spent a week on the op-ed page of the Yukon News, it appears on the paper's website, where readers are offered the opportunity to comment. Yukoners are a busy lot, and it's not every week that anyone troubles to respond.

Oh, Canada!

Author Margaret Atwood caused some big ripples in Canada's little pond this week when she joined a campaign to return our national anthem to an earlier, gender-neutral version.

Stepping off the merry go round

Last weekend, a pair of suicide bombers killed 81 people and wounded 140 more in an attack on the All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Are there no tumbrels?

This year, Pippa Middleton wore a red striped dress to watch the men's singles tennis tournament at Wimbledon. No great powers of research were required to ascertain this fact: the Vancouver Sun ran a gallery of 28 photographs.

If she’s thirsty: a celebration of rape

This week three stories appeared in the national press about university students, both men and women, using frosh week as an occasion to celebrate rape. 

Screw everybody: the Conservatives’ refusal to put a price on carbon

In June 2008 Canada's Liberal leader, Stephane Dion, revealed his party's carbon tax plan. The other parties responded according to their nature.

The struggle to get high

When I turn right off the highway onto the road where I live, there is a double yellow line to my left. This means that by law when I slow down to make the 90 degree turn...

A few more questions

According to the National Post, "Regina is the latest community to be fooled by a white supremacist group into declaring a 'European Heritage Week.'"

When friends fall out

Last week the anti-feminist lobby group Real Women of Canada launched an attack on Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird who had, according to a press release written by national vice-president Gwen Landolt...

Laughter is the best medicine

Currie Dixon, the Yukon's minister of the Mining Environment, finds it "laughable" for Robert Kennedy Jr. to suggest that the Yukon Party government's approach to the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan has been undemocratic. This is a good thing.

The perfect pet

I've been thinking I might get myself a cat. Just a fluffy friendly pet that will keep my house free of mice, and my yard free of songbirds.

Thoughts of Nixon and Watergate? Absurd!

This week, a leaked memo revealed that the Prime Minister's Office had asked ministerial aids to create a list of "bureaucrats that can't take no (or yes) for an answer" as well as "friends and enemy stakeholders" for the benefit of new cabinet ministers.

A chicken ain’t nothing but a bird

As the author of two previous columns in support of the urban chicken, I think it's only fair that I should alert readers to an unfortunate development in the movement to poultrify the world's cities.

Happy birthday, Mr. President

Jennifer Lopez is suffering the scorn of the U.S. media this week after she capped off a performance in Turkmenistan by singing Happy Birthday to President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov.

Everybody draws the line somewhere

When I entered O'Neill Collegiate Institute in Oshawa, Ontario, in the mid 1960s, the walls of the building had recently undergone some creative remodeling at the hands of a group of students from Central, a nearby rival school.

Two degrees of desperation

In a newly released report the International Energy Agency warns that "the world is not on track to limit the long-term rise in the average global temperature to two degrees Celsius.

No turning back

A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal hailed tiny Barnhart, Texas, as "an unlikely hub of the new American oil boom.” The writer, Russell Gold, waxed eloquent at how fracking had “given new life” to the unincorporated town.

Turfing the Tories: don’t hold your breath

This week, the front pages of the national papers are still crowded with reports connected to the cover-up of a scandal that broke in June 2012, when Canada's auditor general released a report showing that certain senators had been more-than-usually creat

Robocalls: another blow to the brand

Last week, Federal Court judge Richard Mosley handed down his decision in a lawsuit led by the Council of Canadians against the Conservative Party of Canada, in the so-called robocalls case.

The fix is in

Senator Mike Duffy says he's "pleased" that the Senate's internal economy committee will re-examine his expense accounts. I bet he is. That's the same committee that exonerated him less than a month ago.