the economy of fantasy island

Remember the old show Fantasy Island, which always started with the character named Tattoo running around shouting, "The plane, boss! The plane!" as a new load of rich clients arrived?

food banks arent just for christmas

Yukoners show their generosity every Christmas with a surge in donations to charities of every type, including food banks. This is wonderful.

an insidious threat to the yukons children

There is an insidious global threat to the Yukon’s children. Like al-Qaida, it is a diffuse movement with no central leadership. Like swine flu, it is global in scope.

A berry good year

It’s a great year for berries and mushrooms in the Yukon. Val Loewen already knew it would be, back in mid-July.

which party supports the internet

A recent federal government report concluded the telecommunications infrastructure in the North is in a bad, bad way.

what do we stand for in the 21st century

Several hundred Yukon teachers, educational assistants, tutors and First Nation language instructors will gather next week at Porter Creek Secondary School.

How would you spend $40 million?

The good news is that the feds have given the Yukon another revenue stream of up to $40 million a year. The bad news is that, unlike our transfer payments, we actually have to earn this one.

tanks or grain

If you were among those living in the drought-ravaged Horn of Africa countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti or Northern Kenyan today, which would you choose? An armoured tank, or the equivalent value of grain?

putting an asus through some paces

This is probably the most difficult Tech@Work column I have ever written. Fear not, reader, the difficulty is not likely to disturb your Friday end-of-work-week lassitude; it is a difficulty pertaining only to me.

Stop studying and start building

I am writing in response to the News article of Friday July 22 titled "Tent city studied."

Single celled creatures ‘stood up’ to Neoproterozoic bullies

Once upon a time, say 1,000 million years ago or so, the Earth's seas were probably reasonably safe places in which to drift, even if you were a microscopic, unicellular creature.

the north is not ready for the icloud

On Monday Apple will introduce a new service called iCloud. It will instantly make what's known as "cloud computing" mainstream, changing the way we use computers in a fundamental way.

Giant tropical ants once roamed the North

Living in the far Northwest, it's all too easy for Yukoners to forget that the Bering Sea land bridge was not the only prehistoric dry route onto northern North America from other continents.

yukon wildlife in miniature tiger moths and woolly bears

Everybody loves butterflies, but what about moths? They're furry, and they invade the house on a summer's night to flutter maddeningly around the lights.

Johnston made a career of chasing fish

Sandy Johnston was in the right place at the right time. It was the summer of 197.2 Johnston and his girlfriend (later his wife) hitchhiked from Ontario to the Yukon, where he had a line on a highways job.

international polar year not done yet

The fourth International Polar Year ran, officially, from March 2007 to March 2009. For Bob Van Dijken, however, it started in 2006 - and it's still going on.

Meet the new war

As I write this, the parliamentary planets are moving into alignment. Today, a federal election in May could become official.

candu dreaming

The unremittingly grim news from the Fukushima nuclear complex continues as this column goes to press. The ripples from the disaster will be felt for decades.

nurturing the baby salmon

March might seem an odd time of year to be thinking about fish, but not for the students and biologists involved in the McIntyre Creek fish hatchery. They're already gearing up to feed thousands of hungry baby salmon within a few weeks.

Who ran the cafe? The answers are served up

There was quite a response from many oldtimers about Bill Hare's photograph of a cafe that was surrounded by water in the 1936 Mayo flood. It looks like George Nagano ran the place, which was called GN Cafe.