Electoral reform: No referendum required

I would like to thank Kyle Carruthers for yet another very well written Sept. 7 article on electoral reform.

Pedestrian, illuminate thyself

While descending down to the Yukon River and Whitehorse this morning, via Robert Service Way, I observed the first major fog event of the upcoming winter.

Beware fraudulent calls

There appears to be a new type of fraudulent call claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency. I received a call saying that I was charged with tax evasion and tax deficiency and was told that charges were going to be filed in court...

Franklin’s ships are not the whole story

I had the privilege this summer of visiting Beechey Island, a desolate windswept stretch of gravel at 74 degrees north near Devon Island.

Kudos to Air North

I just rushed back from Europe for a family funeral and as I looked out the window at the snow covered peaks going by, I reflected on the great service you folks offer.

Why Yukon needs a wetlands policy

Imagine playing soccer or hockey except that the rules are not defined. Nobody knows what to aim for. Unfortunately, this is happening in Yukon when it comes to managing development activities in wetlands.

Electoral reform: referendum required

On Sept. 26 the Special Committee on Electoral Reform will be in Whitehorse for a meeting, concluding Yukon’s final part in the consultation on national electoral reform.

Yukon’s dumping ground

There’s a small building in the Marwell area that is well known and strongly supported by Yukoners and many local businesses.

Habitat for Humanity Yukon celebrates 12 years

Sept. 12 marks 12 years of Habitat for Humanity Yukon providing low-income Yukon families with hope.

Won’t anyone at CBC please think of the children?

Education does not suck! This past Tuesday, on CBC’s morning program, both Roch Shannon Fraser and Paul Tukker expressed on public radio their distaste for when they went to school.

Electoral reform push attempts to fix what isn’t broken

In last year’s election campaign the Liberal Party of Canada promised that 2015 would be the last election determined by our current electoral system.

Passive treatment wetlands aren’t a cure all for mining contamination

Passive wetland treatment systems have been discussed for the proposed Casino Mine and the closure plan for the currently operating Minto Mine.

Hikers thank Dawson Mounties and Yukon Search and Rescue

Last week was very wet on the Dempster Highway, resulting in the road being closed in several spots due to flooding and a handful of helicopter evacuations occurring in Tombstone Park.

Thanks from Team Yukon

Team Yukon is back home after a successful trip to the Canada 55+ Games in Brampton, Ontario.

Climate change reflections

In a July letter, Premier Pasloski highlighted his government’s approach to climate change.

The case for a northern infrastructure bank

Justin Trudeau’s last budget turned on the proverbial spending taps for infrastructure projects, something for which Canadian municipalities — especially in the North — have been pleading for years.

Remebering the squatters of Whitehorse

In the years following the Gold Rush, the White Pass and Yukon Route railway was a major landowner in Whitehorse.

An open letter to Rona Ambrose

Since losing the last election, Conservative politicians have been bending over backwards to present a civil, more caring face to Canadians.

Equal Voice Yukon seeks volunteers

Equal Voice Yukon is a non-partisan organization that celebrates, empowers, and connects women with all things politics.

Open letter to City Council on its public art policy

I have been alerted to the fact that there is a resolution on the table to change the City’s art purchasing policy.