Walking the road together

I came to the Yukon in 2014 to find out how self-government had changed First Nations’ resource management as part of my master’s dissertation for Oxford University.

A dream of civility

I had the strangest dream last night, and I wrote it down as soon as I woke up. I dreamed I was watching the first sitting of our new Legislative Assembly, and one of the party leaders (couldn’t tell who) stood up to speak.

Restrict ATVs to existing trails

Four years ago, I wrote a letter to minister Currie Dixon asking him to make sure that ATVs stay on trails that are already there.

Pelly ranchers: Yukon’s oldest farm does it all

A visit to the Pelly River Ranch is like entering a funhouse of country mayhem.

Voting against carbon tax

Are you voting for or against the carbon tax? Do you even know what the implications of a carbon tax can be?

Making sense out of polls

The true story told by the DataPath and the Liberal Gandalf polls is hard to determine. Polling in the Yukon tends to be unreliable because our population and the sample sizes are too small...

Two parties create confusion about fracking

There seems to be some confusion in the Liberal Party and the Yukon Party between conventional and unconventional oil and gas.

Access to a proxy vote should be equal

In the Whitehorse Centre riding proxy vote affair the concern for equality has not even been mentioned by some.

Rogue sign

I own a property downtown. This is just down the street from Liberal candidate Tamara Goeppel.

A moratorium and a ban are the same thing

It would be a shame for an election issue like fracking to be reduced to a war of words as the 60 per cent of Yukoners who didn’t vote for the Yukon Party over the past three elections get set to cast their ballot on Nov. 7.

Can’t afford a carbon tax

I’m just poor. Most of the people reading this are richer than me. So maybe they dont mind paying an extra $1,250 dollars a year for the new carbon tax.

It’s time to vote for climate leadership

Last month, 100 young people were arrested in Ottawa as they were protesting the rumoured approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Yukon’s next government must act on mining issues

The mining industry is one of Yukon’s largest private sector employers and has been the largest private sector contributor to Yukon’s economy, contributing close to $300 million and accounting for 15 per cent of Yukon’s real GDP on average.

Trump is right

I would like to comment on the report about the recent US presidential debate.

Seniors should study up on election promises

It seems that healthcare and social service issues are taking a back seat to other issues in this election.

Parties must aim higher on broadband

Not surprisingly, every Yukon political leader promises to deliver “a strong, robust economy.”

Chamber should find local voice to argue against carbon pricing

Carbon pricing has been a topic of much discussion during this election, so it’s great to see the Yukon Chamber of Commerce taking the lead and presenting an objective, impartial and balanced view of the issue in its luncheon.

Yukon women and families deserve birth choices

Most people agree women should have choices regarding their birth process. Most mothers across Canada can choose our birth attendant and where we will plan to have our birth.

Yukon Chamber of Commerce responds

Eldon Organ accuses the Yukon Chamber of Commerce of indulging in partisan politics because the Yukon Chamber is hosting a luncheon themed “Pros and Cons of Carbon Pricing” on Nov. 3, just a few days before the territorial election.

What part of ‘stop’ do Whitehorse drivers not understand?

What’s wrong with so many people who sit behind a steering wheel? I just do not understand.