Investment conference a success

The Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their generous support of the inaugural Arctic Indigenous Investment Conference 2017.

Yukon’s rate of sexual assault complaints dismissed as unfounded higher than national average

Rates of sexual assault accusations dismissed as unfounded are significantly lower in the communities than in Whitehorse or Dawson City, according to data collected in a nationwide investigative report by the Globe and Mail.

Thanks to anonymous donor

The Order of the Eastern Star (OES) is an organization that is part of the Masonic family and is open to both Freemasons in good standing and women who have a family relationship to a Freemason.

Bison hunters beware

On Feb. 28 I was on my way to my set up wall tent west and north of the Trans Canada Trail cabin. I arrived at 4 p.m. to realize that somebody had been there before and the tent, chimney, and stove were all gone.

How about geothermal?

Why not geothermal energy on the grid for power in the Yukon? Scientific studies say the Tintina trench, near Ross River, is the hottest geothermal deposit in Canada.

Canadian business implicated in Honduran rights abuses

Exactly one year ago, Indigenous environmental leader and winner of the prestigious international Goldman environmental award, Berta Caceres, was gunned down in her own home.

In chaotic Nepal, beauty can be a curse

Janaki is too pretty. Her black-lashed eyes dominate a heart-shaped face. She exudes such sweetness. Janaki was 5 or 6 when she first came to the orphanage in Lumbini, Nepal.

Yukon tourism slogan is boring

I noticed in a recent Wyatt cartoon, the slogan “Land of the Midnight Sun.” How nostalgic. There are numerous catchy slogans around: Air North with “North of Ordinary,” the province of B.C. with “Super Natural” and so on.

Reveal yourselves, trolls

After reading Kyle Carruthers’ excellent article about M-103 in the Feb. 22 edition of the Yukon News, I went online to see just how hateful the comments were.

Dawson dental needs too important to leave to market

Having read Maura Forrest’s article (Feb. 8) regarding Dawson’s petition to have a dental treatment room reinstated I have something to add.

Conservation officers aren’t helping animals

In early October I was in the Whistle Bend area when I saw a fox in the bush that had just been hit by a vehicle.

Don’t let the elephant inside the mouse

We write to express our loud opposition to the portions of Bill C-23 that will allow the intrusion of U.S. law onto sovereign Canadian soil.

Don’t tax health and dental benefits

This week, Yukon’s Member of Parliament, Larry Bagnell, voted against Conservative MP Gérard Deltell’s private members’ motion regarding private health and dental plans.

Open letter to Larry Bagnell on electoral reform

I am outraged that your Liberal government has chosen the cynical route and abandoned its throne speech promise that 2015 would be the last election using First Past the Post.d

Open letter to Justin Trudeau on electoral reform

I am shocked that your government campaigned in favour of electoral change, but did so much to prevent any meaningful discussion about it.

Northwestel wrecked channel 23

Northwestel wrecked channel 23. This channel had comprehensive weather information for the City of Whitehorse every 10 minutes, current temperatures, plus evening, night and morning expected temperatures.

Liberals must keep their Peel promise

Premier Sandy Silver and his colleagues were elected in large part by voters who support the final recommended plan of the Peel watershed commission.

March just the beginning

On Saturday Jan. 21, I marched with the upbeat, and bigger than expected, crowd of diverse people standing up for rights and truths we all cherish.

Call if you need help

On Jan. 25 the nation will be talking in support of mental health initiatives.

A long, hard road

When I was 21 years old, I worked as a guide for an outfitter up the Stewart River. The year was 1968. It was my fourth year of guiding, having started with Louie Brown when I was 18.