Year: 2015

With friends like these…

Whether in daily life or global politics we pick and choose our friends for complicated reasons. But few among us would keep a friend in our own lives with the personality flaws of Saudi Arabia.

Wire Service / December 16, 2015

More on animal abuse

More on animal abuse Re: Time to get serious about animal abuse (Dec. 4): I just want to thank Mike Grieco for having the backbone and commitment to say it exactly like it is. Dogs are not the problem, people are. Just what does one expect for a living be

Yukon News / December 16, 2015

Bite sized cinema

The dwindling daylight in Dawson City is being used as an excuse to embrace Canada's best short cinema. On Dec. 20 Dawson’s Klondike Institute of Art and Culture is hosting The Shortest Day film festival.

Ashley Joannou / December 16, 2015

The Yukon needs a seniors strategy

The Yukon needs a seniors strategy I have been following the debate on the proposed continuing care facility and palliative care services not only in the community but also in the legislative assembly on Nov. 25 and Dec. 1. I am an "alarmed senior" as P

Yukon News / December 16, 2015

Yukon’s mental health delivery needs an overhaul

Dr. Leo Elwell RE: Territory struggles with psychiatrist shortage (Dec. 9): I am a psychiatrist, fully qualified under both the American and Canadian systems with an additional subspecialty qualification in addiction medicine. I am an examiner for the Ro

Yukon News / December 16, 2015

Wolves killing dogs near Whitehorse

A Yukon conservation officer is warning people in the Whitehorse area to keep a close eye on their pets, since wolves have killed at least five dogs in recent weeks.

Maura Forrest / December 16, 2015

Cutting edge

The shop floor at Duncan's Ltd. is buzzing with activity as dozens of employees man the loud, industrial machines that feed Whitehorse's steel needs.

Myles Dolphin / December 16, 2015

Mushers ride old trail in new season

The Dog Powered Sports Association of the Yukon (DPSAY) began the season on trails that hadn’t been used for a winter race in years at the Yukon Brewing Twister Race #1 on Sunday in the Ibex Valley.

tom Patrick / December 14, 2015

New concerns arise over placer mining in Dawson City

Last year, Slinky owner Darrell Carey reached an agreement with the Yukon government to surrender a series of placer mining claims on the west side of the Dome Road in Dawson City by the end of 2017.

Maura Forrest / December 14, 2015

Keno City without local water supply since July

Five months after it was accidentally damaged during routine cleaning, Keno City's well is still unusable and water is still being trucked to the community from Mayo.

Maura Forrest / December 11, 2015

Whitehorse looks to launch rideshare program

The City of Whitehorse is gearing up to launch its new rideshare program. Commuters will soon be able to access a website where they can connect with others based on where they live and want to go.

Myles Dolphin / December 11, 2015

Dempster Highway may lose ‘the Magic and the Mystery’

Dempster Highway may lose 'the Magic and the Mystery' Open letter to Angus Robertson, deputy minister of the Department of Highways: Congratulations on your recent appointment. I am wondering if, in getting settled in your new position, you have had the t

Yukon News / December 11, 2015