Year: 2014

West Africa’s Ebola epidemic has its roots in poverty

Much of my time as chief medical officer of health has recently been spent preparing Yukon for the remote chance that the Ebola virus could sneak into the territory. What if a person somehow escapes border screenings and returns infected

Yukon News / December 17, 2014

Carcross/Tagish First Nation signs financial deal with Ottawa

After three years of tense negotiations, the Carcross/Tagish First Nation has finally reached a financial agreement with Ottawa. The six-year deal will provide about $9.5 million per year to the First Nation.

Myles Dolphin / December 17, 2014

Nishikawa sets career best at Switzerland World Cup

From the outset of the season, Whitehorse’s Emily Nishikawa had a specific goal for the World Cup races in Europe: to crack the top 30. She accomplished it over the weekend.

tom Patrick / December 15, 2014

Fracking committee requests extension

The committee has been charged with reviewing the risks and benefits of allowing hydraulic fracturing in the territory and making recommendations to the assembly.

jacqueline Ronson / December 15, 2014

Garbage Santa rides again

Whitehorse’s Garbage Truck Santa is back on the road. Residents rallied to get Santa and his twinkly ride back up and running this Christmas season, after a three-year hiatus.

Ashley Joannou / December 15, 2014

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

One particularly high-minded reader expressed surprise that last Friday's editorial dared to conclude that cabinet ministers Brad Cathers and Scott Kent may have deliberately uttered mistruths.

John Thompson / December 12, 2014

Impaired driver spurs school lockdown

A Whitehorse elementary school was put on lockdown Wednesday morning after an impaired driver failed to stop for police in Riverdale.

Myles Dolphin / December 12, 2014

Winning lotto ticket sold in Whitehorse

Everybody check your lottery tickets. Someone’s a new millionaire. One of the two tickets that won the jackpot in Wednesday’s Lotto 649 draw was sold in Whitehorse.

Ashley Joannou / December 12, 2014

Stop killing bears

Stop killing bears Both grizzly and black bears need protection, as there should be no hunting or killing of bears, neither spring nor fall. The Yukon Department of Environment's proposal for a 30-metre buffer zone, for grizzlies only, will do nothing t

Yukon News / December 12, 2014

Whitehorse siblings medal at Burnaby judo tourney

Whitehorse siblings Daniel and Mackenzie Tonner hit the mat and then the podium over the weekend. The Tonners won medals at the Canada West Judo Invitational in Burnaby, B.C.

tom Patrick / December 12, 2014

Raven still awaiting help

Raven still awaiting help It has been almost two months since we closed our public drop off area at Raven Recycling. We want to share with our customers and advocates how governments are responding to our change in service. We had hoped there would be a

Yukon News / December 12, 2014

NDP fights for mobile home owner protections

NDP MLA Kate White is calling for stronger protection for mobile home owners. Uncontrolled pad rent increases and the possibility of evictions without cause hurt trailer owners.

jacqueline Ronson / December 12, 2014

Teed off over Mountain View Golf Club mess

Teed off over Mountain View Golf Club mess It appears some of the focus is being misdirected at specific individuals and groups within the Yukon government, whereas all along I have always only been critical of the people elected to govern, not the ones

Yukon News / December 12, 2014

Has F 35 accounting come to Whitehorse?

Remember when the federal Tories got in so much trouble for low-balling the cost of new F-35 fighter jets? At first they said the jets would cost $15 billion. 

Keith Halliday / December 12, 2014