Year: 2014

Frackonomist gets facts wrong about oil production

Keith Halliday's Dec. 5 column, which ran with the glib title "Love it or hate it, fracking is here to stay" starts off with invented data to hype up fracking. "Since 2010, oil and gas production in th

Yukon News / December 24, 2014

Aboriginal groups take on ending violence

Like a lot of people, Marian Horne remembers playing "Cowboys and Indians" when she was young. "Nobody wanted to be the Indian because we knew they were all killed all the time," she said.

jacqueline Ronson / December 19, 2014

City council goes for the tax and spend trifecta

Whitehorse's mayor and city council are going for the tax-and-spend trifecta. They are looking fit and relaxed, and in excellent mid-season form. In Year 1 of their three-year term, they raised taxes.

Keith Halliday / December 19, 2014

Pregnancy and parenting: there’s a Yukon app for that

Whether you have a bun in the oven or you're chasing after a crawling toddler, you'll soon be able to download an all-encompassing app designed to help Yukoners have healthy children.

Myles Dolphin / December 19, 2014

The case for a ranked ballot

The case for a ranked ballot Re: Our electoral system needs an overhaul (Pointed Views, Dec 10) Absolutely, Canada needs proportional representation. If a party receives 25 per cent of the vote, that party should get 25 per cent of the seats. This is com

Yukon News / December 19, 2014

Yukon artists co op prepares to move downtown

Yukon Artists at Work is on the move. It doesn't take much to set up an easel, canvas or a pottery wheel. But the co-operative of 30 Yukon artists has learned that where you sell your wares is an important decision.

Ashley Joannou / December 19, 2014

Michael Nehass deserves a face to face apology

Michael Nehass deserves a face-to-face apology It is not always easy to apologize. It can and should be a very humbling experience. I read recently that an apology was given by Judge Leigh Gower to Michael Nehass. Michael appeared shackled and chained

Yukon News / December 19, 2014

Costs rise to rebuild F.H. Collins Secondary

The Yukon government isn't counting the cost of necessary renovations to the F.H. Collins tech and trades wing in its budget for the school reconstruction project.

jacqueline Ronson / December 19, 2014

Meet the Yukon Ski Team’s wax wizard

Forty-eight hours before the first Haywood NorAm cross-country races of the season, Alain Masson, head coach of the Yukon Ski Team, was sure the event would be cancelled.

Pavlina Sudrich / December 19, 2014

Rapids hit new speeds in Edmonton

Five skaters from the Whitehorse Rapids Speed Skating Club were as rapid as ever over the weekend.

tom Patrick / December 19, 2014

A modest proposal for Whitehorse’s jail

International experts are in agreement that prolonged spells of solitary confinement are just as psychologically harmful to prisoners as other, more grisly types of torture.

John Thompson / December 19, 2014

Pioneer Utility Grant changes need a rethink

Pioneer Utility Grant changes need a rethink Open letter to Social Services Minister Doug Graham: Recently I received a letter describing the proposed changes to the Pioneer Utility Grant. Upon review I find the proposal flawed and inequitable. I don't

Yukon News / December 19, 2014

It’s a wrap

The fall sitting of the legislative assembly ended in typical fashion this week: growing tensions in question period and debate were mercifully put to death by the so-called "guillotine clause."

jacqueline Ronson / December 19, 2014