Year: 2012

Two one man shows of epic proportions
When Charles Ross was growing up on a farm in Prince George, B.C., there wasn't a whole lot to do on the long winter nights. "When the sun goes down, we weren't out tooling around on the snowmachines, we were stuck inside.

jacqueline Ronson / December 12, 2012

First Nations slam Bill C 45
About 60 Whitehorse protesters joined thousands of others across the country on Monday to speak out against what they say are disrespectful unilateral changes to the Indian Act by the federal government.

Jesse Winter / December 12, 2012

Yukon Party’s Peel process is shameful
Yukon Party's Peel process is shameful I was surprised to see Brad Cathers saying in the legislature on Nov. 27 that "the Yukon Party made it clear during the 2011 election campaign that we intended to propose modifications to the final recommended Peel

Yukon News / December 12, 2012

Real Yukoners favour Peel protection
Real Yukoners favour Peel protection Some people boast in letters to the editor (see Karen Simon: "Leave the Peel for Real Yukoners," Nov. 30) about how long the mining and prospecting heritage goes back in the Yukon. Simon writes: "Stakers are not only

Yukon News / December 12, 2012

Laxton makes questionable call
The rules of the Yukon Legislative Assembly can be confusing. No one likely knows this better than Speaker David Laxton. It's alright to say that other members have their facts wrong, but not to call them liars.

jacqueline Ronson / December 12, 2012

Whitehorse plans new building for city staff
Whitehorse's municipal bosses plan to shave $10 million from the city's 2013 capital budget to help save up for a new building for city staff. A recent energy audit found many city buildings are energy inefficient.

Meagan Gillmore / December 12, 2012

The CRTC wants to hear from you
The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission wants to hear what northerners think about NorthwesTel. It's all part of the commission's ongoing review of the telco's $273-million modernization plan.

Josh Kerr / December 12, 2012

Push for secrecy dishonours Yukon Party’s predecessors
Push for secrecy dishonours Yukon Party's predecessors Open letter to Premier Darrell Pasloski: As of Monday, Bill No. 48, an Act to Amend the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy act, was still on the order paper for the Yukon Legislative Ass

Yukon News / December 12, 2012

City announces Santa plan
Last week, the city announced it will be partnering with the Canadian Cancer Society’s Rent-a-Santa program to bring St. Nick to the city.

Meagan Gillmore / December 10, 2012

Gym debacle to be solved by Christmas
Students at F.H. Collins should know by Christmas break whether to expect a temporary gym to tide them over while their school is being rebuilt.

Jesse Winter / December 10, 2012

Shutout decides hockey jamboree
The Black Widows scored a 3-0 shut out win over the Wonder Women in the final of the fourth annual Whitehorse Women’s Christmas Hockey Jamboree at Takhini Arena.

tom Patrick / December 10, 2012

Deadlock remains in Kaska dispute
The premier confirmed Friday his government’s intention to remove the Kaska’s veto power over oil and gas development in their traditional territory, and failed to recognize their unsurrendered rights to the land, said McMillan.

jacqueline Ronson / December 10, 2012

Odd things claimed beneath the midnight sun
Odd things claimed beneath the midnight sun The weird logic of Karen Simon's opinion piece ("Leave the Peel for real Yukoners," Nov. 30) leaves one breathless. Let's set aside for the moment her odd premise that if miners can't get everything they want,

Yukon News / December 7, 2012

MP and mayor spar over sternwheeler
MP Ryan Leef is setting the record straight about federal cuts that will see guided tours stopped at the SS Klondike after remarks Whitehorse mayor Dan Curtis made Monday night.

Meagan Gillmore / December 7, 2012

Now, about the SS Klondike
Now, about the SS Klondike Open letter to MP Ryan Leef: It's nice to finally hear from you. I would first like apologize for misspeaking myself with regards to the Christmas lights on the SS Klondike. They are indeed certain to be put up this year. What

Yukon News / December 7, 2012

High court fells hopes for Yukon sawmill owners
South Yukon Forest Corp. will not be getting another day in court. Yesterday the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed an appeal by the owners of a defunct Watson Lake sawmill, with costs.

Josh Kerr / December 7, 2012

Clowning around in the bush
Sometimes it's hard to take clowns seriously. But that hasn't always been the case. "There's always clowns in any society since the dawn of humanity," said local clown Claire Ness.

jacqueline Ronson / December 7, 2012