Year: 2012

Setting nurse titles straight
Setting nurse titles straight Thank you for your Nov. 30 article on registered nurses. Meagan Gillmore captured a lot of what I said in our interview, but in the third-last paragraph she switched from using the title nurse practitioner to registered prac

Yukon News / December 19, 2012

Condo controversy continues
Construction of an apartment building beside the Falcon Ridge condo complex will be allowed to continue. At least for now.

Josh Kerr / December 19, 2012

Music for all the good ol’ boreal boys and girls
This week's Grand Ole Northern Opry concerts promise an ode to country music and old time radio, in the style of the Grand Ole Opry and Prairie Home Companion.

jacqueline Ronson / December 19, 2012

Students stand on guard for all
Students stand on guard for all Open letter to the Students of F.H. Collins: I would like to start by congratulating you all on your efforts so far to raise awareness about your lack of a gym and the issues that this will cause you in the coming years. T

Yukon News / December 19, 2012

Local airline soars into service
Local airline soars into service I have recently flown to Vancouver with Air North and upon the insistence of my friends, I would like to share my latest experience with the public. My son Danny and I were off to Victoria on December 7, to join with fam

Yukon News / December 19, 2012

Runners, walkers out for Winter Solstice
Running up and down a mountain in good conditions would seem like a chore to many. Doing it in the winter might seem a little nutty. Members of Athletics Yukon would disagree.

tom Patrick / December 17, 2012

Fracking fracas unfounded
Northern Cross Yukon has no plans to use hydraulic fracturing at Eagle Plain or anywhere else in the Yukon, says company president Richard Wyman.

Jesse Winter / December 17, 2012

Humane society to pick new board Thursday
Supreme Court Justice Leigh Gower has ordered the society to hold its annual general meeting on Thursday at 7 p.m. to elect a new board. Financial statements must be ready for the meeting.

Meagan Gillmore / December 17, 2012

Bootlegger fined $14,000
A Yukon court fined Marius Moustakas $14,000 last week for selling alcohol out of his Porter Creek home. The evidence against him is thin, said Moustakas, but he could not afford a lengthy court battle.

jacqueline Ronson / December 17, 2012

Left Leaning Council goes to court
If you've been paying attention to the news lately you could be forgiven for believing that there's an organization in this country called the Left-Leaning Council of Canadians.

Al Pope / December 14, 2012

NDP calls for Istchenko’s resignation
Public Works Minister Wade Istchenko should resign for consistently misrepresenting his government's changes to the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, says the NDP.

jacqueline Ronson / December 14, 2012

Mining for musical gold
Carl Schulze might spend his days exploring hard rock, but in his personal time, it's all jazz, baby. Schulze is the former president of the Yukon Chamber of Mines.

Jesse Winter / December 14, 2012

Who better to speak for First Nations than First Nations?
Who better to speak for First Nations than First Nations? This is to bring some clarity to the truncated and out-of-context quote that appeared in "First Nations slam Bill C-45" (Dec. 12). While I think the article covered one perspective in detail, it

Yukon News / December 14, 2012

Respect First Nations
Respect First Nations I sat in the Yukon legislative assembly to listen to the tribute made for the late J.J. Van Bibber. Before entering I was asked if I had shut off my cellphone. While listening to the tribute, I observed Darrell Pasloski signing off

Yukon News / December 14, 2012

Wrongful death case dismissed
A wrongful death lawsuit against several members of the RCMP has been tossed out after a judge ruled that the daughter of the deceased waited too long to file suit.

Josh Kerr / December 14, 2012

We miss Dennis Fentie, just a little
With the sitting of the Yukon's legislature mercifully over, part of us can't help but wish that Dennis Fentie had been around to liven things up. Sure, the territory's last premier was a bully and a blowhard. But he had a way with words.

John Thompson / December 14, 2012

Yukon won’t help Keno residents move out
Yukon won't help Keno residents move out The government will not compensate Keno residents who wish to move out of the community because of mining activity, said Resources Minister Brad Cathers.

jacqueline Ronson / December 14, 2012