Year: 2011

Government dodges Copper Ridge concerns
Government dodges Copper Ridge concerns First, after less than a week on the job, the minister of health responded to Yukoners' concerns about the quality of continuing care in the Yukon by telling CBC's Nancy Thomson that legislation wouldn't help. The

Yukon News / December 7, 2011

Crunch time for Chieftain Metals
Chieftain Metals is making headway with plans to reopen the Tulsequah Chief mine south of Atlin, B.C. The Toronto-based mining junior scooped up the property last fall after its predecessor, Redcorp Ventures, went bankrupt.

John Thompson / December 5, 2011

Another submission win for Rogers
Whitehorse’s Miller Rogers gave Avalanche MMA its only victory at the mixed-martial arts event, taking his third straight amateur win by submission to remain undefeated.

tom Patrick / December 5, 2011

Zach Bell in top form at World Cup
A new Canadian record, three personal best times and a silver medal. Not bad for someone who hadn’t raced on a track in seven months. Watson Lake’s Zach Bell was at the top of his game at the 2012 UCI Track Cycling World Cup.

tom Patrick / December 5, 2011

Yukon chiefs to talk money in Ottawa
While the trip is, technically, for the Assembly of First Nations’ special chiefs assembly, the territory’s aboriginal leaders hope to have time with John Duncan, minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.

Roxanne Stasyszyn / December 5, 2011

The Mt. McIntyre ski report
Copper to Best Chance, Dog, Selwyn's Loop, and other popular trails were groomed Wednesday and in excellent condition for classic and skating.

Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club / December 2, 2011

Cameron wins council seat
Kirk Cameron won yesterday's Whitehorse city council byelection. With more then 17 per cent of the vote, Cameron beat out 13 other candidates to win the seat recently vacated by long-serving city councillor Doug Graham.

Josh Kerr / December 2, 2011

Cardboard, but never boring
Compared to the 3D special effects of today's blockbuster films, old science fiction movies tend to fall flat. Strings are clearly visible on speeding spaceships, claymation dinosaurs stumble around like drunks after closing time.

Chris Oke / December 2, 2011

Time for real democracy
Time for real democracy Ryan Leef states Bill C-10, the Omnibus Crime Bill, was one of the party platforms he ran with in the election, and that he will uphold his support for the passing of this bill. That's reasonable and respectable. The reasoning in

Yukon News / December 2, 2011

the blame game
When it comes to Attawapiskat, New Democrat MP Charlie Angus makes a good point. A very good point. When disaster strikes Canadian communities, Ottawa does not generally blame the community.

Richard Mostyn / December 2, 2011

The future of time
When you are meeting Mark Shumelda, you have to wonder, will he be early, late, or spot on time? That's because Shumelda is sort of an expert on time. And the philosopher hasn't discounted time travel either, which opens interesting interview possibilities.

Chris Oke / December 2, 2011

brother sun who brings the day
Francis of Assisi, proclaimed by Pope John Paul II as the patron saint of ecology, is iconically remembered by most as a simple holy man surrounded by birds.

Michael Dougherty / December 2, 2011

Pop up shop jumpstarts entrepreneurs
The Green Party headquarters have been taken over. The little shed on the corner of Wood Street and Fifth Avenue, which acts as the territory's federal green party hub, is now home to Whitehorse's newest pop-up store.

Roxanne Stasyszyn / December 2, 2011

Low cost solutions to the energy crunch
Low-cost solutions to the energy crunch As I write this letter, a three-day workshop entitled Yukon Achievable Energy Savings Potential, is being held. This is being driven by Yukon Energy and Yukon Electrical Company Ltd., which have been directed by th

Yukon News / December 2, 2011

Library donation opens door to history
I learned recently of the donation made by the Yukon Chamber of Mines of a collection of rare books and reports to the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources library.

Michael Gates / December 2, 2011

Reflections from afar
Reflections from afar I was born and raised in Whitehorse and am in my second year at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Oakville is a part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). I show my Ontario friends pictures of the Yukon, and they can't believe it

Yukon News / December 2, 2011

Throne speech offers few thrills
Thursday's throne speech offered no surprises, being a rehash of the Yukon Party's election platform. Liz Hanson, leader of the NDP Opposition, found it disappointing.

John Thompson / December 2, 2011