Year: 2011

Humane Society set to rectify voucher mix up
Humane Society set to rectify voucher mix-up When a dog or cat is adopted from the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter in Whitehorse, the new owners should receive a spay/neuter voucher for pets not already spayed or neutered. The voucher program helps reduce th

Yukon News / December 21, 2011

Smooth sailing for Yukon tech start up
In the booming field of software development, you can be working from your garage one day and lounging on your yacht the next. Two Yukon techies have spotted success off the starboard bow.

Chris Oke / December 21, 2011

The pitter patter of climate change
The pitter-patter of climate change Last week it was raining in Whitehorse. It's not supposed to rain in the Yukon in December. Climate change is having a dramatic effect on Canada's Arctic Ð that's a fact. Increased melting of permafrost is damaging in

Yukon News / December 21, 2011

Salute the solstice and celebrate
Winter solstice rarely gets the respect it deserves. We're so caught up in the last-minute Christmas hubbub, this significant day gets lost in the proverbial shuffle. That's a shame.

Yukon News / December 21, 2011

Downing flies to gold, silver at B.C. Championships
Whitehorse Glacier Bear MacKenzie Downing might be ranked second in B.C. for the 200-metre butterfly but she was tops at the province's senior championships at the University of British Columbia over the weekend.

tom Patrick / December 21, 2011

Northwestel says it’s ready for the future
Northwestel may soon be facing some increased competition thanks to a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission that stripped the company of its monopoly in local phone service.

Josh Kerr / December 19, 2011

Deal struck with RCMP watchdog
On Thursday, the territorial government announced it had struck a deal with the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team to investigate serious incidents involving Yukon’s “M” Division. It has the contract to police the territory.

John Thompson / December 19, 2011

Small mushing team has big hopes
Veteran racer Rachel Kinvig and rookie Katharina Wirth make up Team Yukon’s entire dog mushing squad. The two will be the ones to watch when Whitehorse hosts the Arctic Winter Games for a sixth time this March.

tom Patrick / December 19, 2011

Graham considers supportive housing
The Northern City Affordable Housing Coalition wants to build a 20-unit facility to help the Yukon’s hardcore homeless alcoholics with the aid of federal housing money that’s being administered by the territory.

John Thompson / December 19, 2011

City lays out capital spending plans
The city has released its 2012 capital budget which includes $25.5 million in spending for infrastructure projects. The budget reflects the city’s continued growth, said Mayor Bev Buckway.

Josh Kerr / December 19, 2011

Mt. McIntyre ski report
Copper to Best Chance, Upper Valley, Selwyn's Loop, 7.5K and Monique Waterreus were groomed earlier this week and still in very good condition.

Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club / December 16, 2011

Capital Hotel undergoes yet another facelift
The Capital Hotel has once again reinvented itself - this time as a high-end steakhouse and oyster bar. Whether it remains that way for long remains to be seen.

John Thompson / December 16, 2011

Council bullies make mockery of democratic process
Council bullies make mockery of democratic process Open letter to Mayor Buckway and council: This note is not meant to be inflammatory. It is a sincere and authentic expression of upsetting emotional residue following my attendance at the two most recen

Yukon News / December 16, 2011

permafrost tested miners ingenuity
The early prospectors who came to the Yukon had a number of challenges to overcome, some of them unique to the North. But the most peculiar and northern of conditions that they confronted was permafrost.

Michael Gates / December 16, 2011