Year: 2009

Yukon News Monday edition moves to the web
Beginning in 2010 there will be significant changes at the Yukon News. We will cease publishing a print edition on Mondays and will stop publishing weekly television listings.

Yukon News / December 15, 2009

The city shalt diminish planning
The city shalt diminish planning Dennis Shewfelt's statement that every "shall" in the new Official Community Plan is to be replaced by a "may" is interesting when considered in the context of the recent Court of Appeal decision on the plan.

Yukon News / December 14, 2009

Triumph of a high level, flexible, visioning document
Triumph of a high-level, flexible, visioning document Open response to the Official Community Plan article in the December 9 Yukon News: In the article there were several negative opinions expressed about the Official Community Plan process, which is cur

Yukon News / December 14, 2009

Mustangs battle it out at Hockey Night
Friday evening, the Takhini Arena ice was awash with red and black as five Mustangs rep teams took to the ice for a full evening of play at Hockey Night in Whitehorse.

tom Patrick / December 14, 2009

Mushers go all in at poker run
In the Fish Lake Road area on Sunday, a lot of poker faces included red noses and whiskers caked with snow. They also had beer breath.

tom Patrick / December 14, 2009

Government must respond to court decision
Government must respond to court decision Open letter to Archie Lang, minister of Community Services: On August 21, the BC Court of Appeal ruled in Whitehorse (City) vs. Darragh 2009 YKCA 10 Whitehorse's position that the Yukon Municipal Act does not per

Yukon News / December 14, 2009

Overnight climate vigil attracts hundreds
More than 200 people, including a band of bargoers dressed as Santa Claus, stopped by a 24-hour vigil this weekend in support of climate change action. The vigil, which began at 3:50 p.m.

Vivian Belik / December 14, 2009

Running on the Bog Road
I meet my nemesis in the mornings on the Bog Road. I don't know where exactly I'll find her, but I know she'll be there. She's there every morning: she never misses a day.

Carolyn Moore / December 14, 2009

Forget climate, focus on pollution
Forget climate, focus on pollution Open letter to Environment Minister Elaine Taylor: I do not support the attendance of 12 Yukon delegates at the conference in Copenhagen, which is based only on the belief of anthropogenic global warming that has been

Yukon News / December 14, 2009

of meteorites and vocational schools
Dear Uma : Once again, you are ahead of me with news of the North; I was out of town and missed the media buzz about the lawsuit between the Liard First Nation chief and the ex principal of the secondary school.

Heather Bennett / December 14, 2009

Peel plan has rocky road ahead
The Peel watershed land-use plan is about to enter its toughest phase yet. The final recommended plan, tabled to Yukon and First Nation governments by the Peel Watershed Planning Commission two weeks ago...

James Munson / December 14, 2009

Petition to merge WCB a con job: labour
The Yukon Federation of Labour has denounced a Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce petition to merge the territory's compensation board with BC's.

Chris Oke / December 14, 2009

Territorial teams clash at weekend tourney
Although the final two games at the Road to the Gold Basketball Tournament meant nothing in terms of placing - there were no final placings - the games could matter in the long run.

tom Patrick / December 14, 2009

Many thanks
Many thanks The organizers of this year's Amnesty International Film Festival would like to extend our appreciation to the support we received from the community in holding this event. The films were well received with a capacity audience for several of

Yukon News / December 14, 2009

focus should be on safety not short term savings
Instead of focusing on the bottom line, Yukon businesses should start focusing on safety. Too frequently, the two are at odds in the territory. And both employers and employees are suffering as a result.

Richard Mostyn / December 11, 2009

WCB debunks chamber report
The Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce should be careful what it wishes for, says Craig Tuton, chair of the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board.

Chris Oke / December 11, 2009

Former minister champions referendums
'It's wrong," citizens can no longer hold referendums on land-based planning decisions, said Dave Keenan, a former community affairs minister.

Vivian Belik / December 11, 2009

‘Healing totem’ mysteriously stolen
Patrick Ryan doesn't know why he decided to carve his totem pole. The former welder and furniture restorer was hit head-on in a car accident in Surrey, BC, in December 2000.

James Munson / December 11, 2009