Year: 2009

Law students receive scholarships
Law students receive scholarships The Yukon Law Foundation is providing $12,800 to eight students for the 2009-10 academic year. Each year, the foundation offers funding for Yukon students to pursue law or law-related studies. The board considers a stud

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

Dump truck tears through power, telephone lines
A municipal dump truck tore through telephone and power lines with its elevated dump bed Monday night. The truck was leaving the Whitehorse public works building on Fourth Avenue when it damaged the lines.

James Munson / December 18, 2009

a warm christmas tale
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, cold country, where all the Christmases were white, and all the children were good. As well as being cold and beautiful, the country was also very rich, and lots of people lived happy comfortable lives.

Al Pope / December 18, 2009

Trends and disruptions in the coming decade
Like a blockbuster movie desperately grasping at a sequel, the "naughties" are dropping late hints about their imminently succeeding decade.

Andrew Robulack / December 18, 2009

Swapping stories and booze at The Ramp
The Salvation Army soup kitchen was buzzing with the latest gossip. The RCMP had responded to a chick fight here the previous night. Esther saw the fight and launched her 5 foot, 2 inch lightweight frame across the room to help her friend.

Roxanne Livingstone / December 18, 2009

A long night of letters
There was a time - before phones, internet and Skype - when long-distance relationships were carried out through handwritten letters. Many probably don't miss it. But you just might pick up that pen again after seeing this year's production of Longest Night.

Chris Oke / December 18, 2009

The NDP and Yukon Party: who’s playing whom?
Yukon's New Democrats: shrewd deal-makers or a bunch of dupes? Your answer will depend on where you sit. But, either way, the NDP's duo proved the big newsmakers of the legislative sitting that wrapped up yesterday.

John Thompson / December 18, 2009

Giving it away
Giving it away Yukon taxpayers should be aware of the placer royalties paid in the Dawson mining district for the period April 1st to November 20th 2009. Approximately 47,500 ounces of raw gold was exported from this region. Now that gold is part of the

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

a christmas to dreadnought
This week, as is my wont, I have chosen the big, thick book to read to while away the hours of enforced idleness of the Christmas season. This time out, I have chosen Robert K. Massie's Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War.

Rick Steele / December 18, 2009

Salmon vanish into two different realities
Chester Fields has 19 dogs and very few fish left to feed them. He's worried he may have to kill some of those dogs if he doesn't have enough food for them over the winter. It's either that or watch them go hungry, he said.

Vivian Belik / December 18, 2009

Warriors girls undefeated, boys winless
Vanier Catholic Secondary Crusaders head coach Sean McCarron was absent from Wednesday's boys' game because his wife was having a baby.

tom Patrick / December 18, 2009

Yukoner heads Canadian Youth Climate Coalition
'We need Canada to lead, follow or get out of the way. Amber Church, a 28-year-old Yukoner, makes the remark while sitting at a small table in a quiet corner in the Bella Centre conference hall in Copenhagen.

Sigrún María Kristinsdóttir / December 18, 2009

Financing the environment
There is a theory that the only way to save the environment is to assign a dollar value to it.

Lewis Rifkind / December 18, 2009

when the boiler man came to dawson
It's an unobtrusive derelict on a quiet section of Third Avenue in the heart of Dawson City. Most people don't notice it because their attention is drawn to more photogenic features on the avenue, such as the "Tiltin' Hilton," the popular term for what is known as the old Minto Block.

Michael Gates / December 18, 2009

The city’s unique take on park and drive
A proposal to cut a road through McIntyre Creek for the future Whistle Bend subdivision left some people at Thursday's council meeting shaking their heads.

Vivian Belik / December 18, 2009

Vandals chop and burn totem pole
Patrick Ryan's "healing totem" has been destroyed. The 59-year-old Teslin resident erected a 5.4-metre-high totem pole this August on his front lawn. Ryan carved the totem after he was hit head-on in a car crash in Surrey, BC, in December 2000.

James Munson / December 18, 2009

Rebutting Craig Tuton
Rebutting Craig Tuton Open letter to Craig Tuton, chair of the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board: First, I would like to state I have full respect and admiration for all of the employees who are working at the WCB as they are doing the

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

The territory must restore local democracy
The territory must restore local democracy The city planning manager's statement that the use of "may" as opposed to "shall" allows "the public to make their case to elected decision makers during individual land-use decisions" is nonsense (letters, Dec

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

Documents black out $12 million investor
A secret sugar daddy has handed $12 million to the Yukon Energy Corporation to expand the Mayo dam and extend transmission lines.

James Munson / December 18, 2009

Glacier Bears reach podium in Victoria, Portland
Whitehorse Glacier Bears Swim Club athletes were winning hardware on both sides of the border last weekend. At two separate meets, the Christmas Cracker in Victoria and the Paul Bergen Jr.

tom Patrick / December 18, 2009