Year: 2009

Information on the steamer Monarch
Thank you very much to Paul and Alice Cyr, of Tagish, for their reply to my November 2 column about the steamer Monarch. I really appreciate their encouragement and interest. Their letter follows: Dear Jim: We love your regular feature in the News.

Jim Robb / December 21, 2009

No cure for mining
No cure for mining I wrote a comment submission to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board regarding the Mactung Mine and it was rejected because they said it was offensive. I do not agree. Let the public decide. Is anyone out

Yukon News / December 21, 2009

Dealer caught behind the wheel
Police issued a bevy of criminal charges against drunk drivers netted in traffic stops over the last two weekends. The RCMP also doled out several drug-related charges to drivers.

James Munson / December 21, 2009

Have you been around too long?
Have you been around too long? Open letter to Craig Tuton, chair of the Yukon Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board: Craig Tuton, as stated in my first letter, you mentioned the report I wrote for the chamber was "riddled with errors in fact as

Yukon News / December 21, 2009

Colon photo ops postponed
Patients who had been waiting for a special X-ray procedure at Whitehorse General Hospital will have to wait another month. One of the hospital's two X-ray machines broke down earlier in December, said hospital spokesperson Val Pike.

Chris Oke / December 21, 2009

It may be shall again
Creating further semantic confusion, the city has backtracked on one of its 2009 Official Community Plan recommendations. At a council meeting earlier this month, the city proposed replacing all 'shalls' in the 2009 document with 'may.'

Vivian Belik / December 21, 2009

Peter MacKay’s false allegations against Larry Bagnell
Peter MacKay's false allegations against Larry Bagnell Conservative MP Peter MacKay has spent taxpayers' money by sending out what people think are free flyers, directed to Yukon residents to smear the record of Yukon MP Larry Bagnell. First and fore

Yukon News / December 21, 2009

the return of the world famous christmas quiz
Welcome to the 11th yourYukon Christmas Quiz, a treasured tradition. Actually, it's especially treasured by the yourYukon writers. We are Very Serious Science Writers for most of the year, but at Christmas, we get a present - a chance to be seriously silly.

Administrator / December 18, 2009

Come what may
We shall try a word game. It may be fun. Read the next two sentences. The city may consider this land greenspace. The city shall consider this land greenspace. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to recognize they mean profoundly different things.

Richard Mostyn / December 18, 2009

Chinese buy half of Yukon mine
The Yukon is home to one of the largest undeveloped deposits of lead and zinc in the world. Half of that site, known as the Selwyn Project, is now owned by a Chinese company.

Chris Oke / December 18, 2009

Finding the power grid’s groove
Power outages have almost become an everyday occurrence for Yukoners and their businesses. In the last eight days, we've had three of them.

James Munson / December 18, 2009

Temperatures were low, but spirits were high!
Temperatures were low, but spirits were high! Approximately 200 citizens braved chilly minus 19 degree Celsius weather and some light snow for the Yukon Coalition for Climate Change Action's 24-hour Vigil for Survival, Vigil of Hope in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

What makes a good neighbour?
What makes a good neighbour? Open letter to Clynt Nauman, president and CEO Alexco Resource Corp. Vancouver, published December 8: I would like to respond to your letter concerning Keno City and Alexco's neighbourhood. I do not know what constitutes "ne

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

auld lang syne for a passing world
'Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?" The first line of the 1788 poem by the Scottish bard, Robert Burns, long ago found an old, traditional folk tune to host it.

Michael Dougherty / December 18, 2009

No way, Jose!
No way, Jose! The Yukon Chamber of Mines outright rejects the final Recommended Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan released on December 2 by the Peel Watershed Land Use Planning Commission. The chamber believes the commission has completely failed to

Yukon News / December 18, 2009

No Charlie Brown trees here
The giant Christmas tree flickering on Jack Cable's living room television seems unnecessary. Unnecessary because the real thing, an impressive two-metre-tall white spruce, stands directly next to the picture on his television set.

Vivian Belik / December 18, 2009

Maybe the dog ate it
Premier Dennis Fentie hasn't done his homework. Shortly after the legislature reconvened, Fentie explained why there wouldn't be a judicial inquiry into the ATCO scandal. It would be too costly.

John Thompson / December 18, 2009