Year: 2008

Who will pay for McLean Lake fight?
The court room is becoming a familiar place for Marianne Darragh, even though she has been following the rules.

James Munson / December 4, 2008

Mould may shut down Teslin library
Teslin’s library may soon close because of complaints of mould within the building. Health and safety inspectors are assessing the condition…

John Thompson / December 4, 2008

Raven’s exit strategy
I am a big fan of Raven Recycling. In fact, my garage is essentially a subsidiary of Raven. And whenever the squirrels in there get too noisy, I load…

Keith Halliday / December 4, 2008

The art of getting firewood
Cutting down trees is definitely not a major talent of mine. Not even a very minor one, I’m afraid.

Lisa Hasselbring / December 4, 2008

From the rails to the air to the water
This column is the last of a three-part series on the White Pass and Yukon Route company’s impact on the Yukon’s transportation history.

Yukon News / December 4, 2008

Letter to the Editor
A culture of entitlement I am writing to you after hearing about an incident that has happened with the U-14 boys’ soccer rep team.

Yukon News / December 2, 2008

Growlies benefits Watson Lake
Interviewing Dawn and Glen Worthington is like interviewing one person — they speak with one voice about almost everything, checking with one…

Yukon News / December 2, 2008

What the hell was that?
Much like the Northern life it aims to portray, Timber Rabbits starts by moving along very slowly. The lights go down, the narrator, played by Al…

Tristin Hopper / December 2, 2008

Glacial Bears raise the bar at Canada Cup
A single medal might be considered a light haul for local swimming sensations Alexandra Gabor and Bronwyn Pasloski, who competed in the Canada Cup in…

Yukon News / December 2, 2008

All in the chief’s family
Eddie Skookum, chief of the Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation, may have been re-elected by just five votes on Thursday, but he isn’t taking…

John Thompson / December 2, 2008

Pack dogs of the Yukon
Years ago, people with pack dogs were often seen along the Yukon’s trails and roads. All over the North, people used them to pack supplies,…

Jim Robb / December 2, 2008

City buys time on referendum with appeal
Only a month after the Yukon Supreme Court ordered Whitehorse to proceed with a referendum to build a park around McLean Lake, the city is bringing…

James Munson / December 2, 2008

Dear Uma: Pete left to go back to work today. I am worried about him; something is different about him, and I think I know what it is.

Heather Bennett / December 2, 2008

Rattling Harper was good for Canada
At some point, every bully crosses a line. Stephen Harper crossed his on Thursday, introducing an economic update that hammered the opposition,…

Richard Mostyn / December 2, 2008