Year: 2008

Flames fail to ignite in Yukon Inn win
Suffering their first consecutive losses of the season, the AON Flames, who dominated play in the opening months, fell 6-3 to Yukon Inn Wednesday…

Yukon News / December 6, 2008

Hurting women to make a buck
Have you walked into a magazine stand lately? Apart from the right-wing lingo of the conglomerates that own and distribute the magazines,…

Yukon News / December 6, 2008

Murdered by a psychotic artist
My acting debut in Bloodshots (a 48-hour horror film festival) is today! Flat on my back in bed, my eyes are wide open; the clock beams 4:45 a.m.

Ashley Hunking / December 6, 2008

Climate change and photo opportunities
Reading the mainstream newspapers or watching television it would appear a great environmental issue has evaporated.

Lewis Rifkind / December 6, 2008

Will bend forks for art
Fresh out of craft school, strapped for cash, and in need of welding equipment, Yukon artist Katherine Alexander needed an idea, any idea, that could…

Tristin Hopper / December 6, 2008

Award winning coach leads award winning team
Considering the climate North of 60, one might expect manmade snow to favour southern athletes. However, the Yukon Biathlon Team prevailed just the…

Yukon News / December 6, 2008

Searching for the disappeared
‘And then I saw it: across the street, the soldiers raised their guns and pointed them at us, waiting for the order to fire,” said…

Chris Oke / December 6, 2008

Letter to the Editor
It’s the system! Why don’t minority governments last four years? Why political gamesmanship instead of balanced legislation through…

Yukon News / December 4, 2008

It’s all for the good of the Canadian people… Well, fellow Canadians, it’s time to believe in Santa again.

Doug Bell / December 4, 2008

Man dies in police custody
A 43-year-old Yukon man died while in police custody in Whitehorse last night. The name and place of residence of the man have not been released.

John Thompson / December 4, 2008

Listening to the landscape
It wasn’t drinking caribou pee that changed Karsten Heuer’s life — although that may have played part in it.

Genesee Keevil / December 4, 2008

Rapprochement — here at home
The greatest opportunity in the ongoing Parliamentary circus is the very thing we are being told to fear — engagement with the Bloc.

Michael Hale / December 4, 2008