Year: 2008

Dispatches to the body politic
Dear Uma: My lessons may be learned the hard and painful way but I do learn them. The spring of 2009 will not see me with an accumulation of winter…

Heather Bennett / December 9, 2008

Steelers burgle win from Avalanche
The Steelers are on a roll — at least when they face the Avalanche. Other than registering a tie in their last encounter, the Steelers have…

Yukon News / December 9, 2008

Armstrong sisters clean up at Gold Nugget
It is entirely plausible that height provides little advantage in the sport of figure skating. This weekend at the Yukon Gold Nugget Interclub…

Yukon News / December 9, 2008

A unique cabin with a personality
This is the kind of cabin that I love to sketch and photograph. It has its own unique character and personality.

Jim Robb / December 9, 2008

Letter to the Editor
Working together to strengthen democracy As the opposition positions itself to form a coalition government and the Conservatives consider their…

Yukon News / December 6, 2008

grow up canada. dump the monarchy
As I write this column, it’s too early to know which way the Governor General of Canada will jump.

Yukon News / December 6, 2008

learning to love power outages
If you find Yukon Energy’s dirty power and weekly outages annoying, you’re not looking at them from the right perspective.

Richard Mostyn / December 6, 2008

Strong second half gives Better Bodies win
By Tom Patrick News Reporter Out scoring Mobile Maintenance 6-0 in the second half, Better Bodies jumped out into a robust lead, eventually taking…

Yukon News / December 6, 2008

Jail inspects itself
A call to the Whitehorse jail to speak to a corrections inspector met with silence. Though called for in law, there currently are no inspectors in…

Genesee Keevil / December 6, 2008

No start date in sight for new FH Collins
Christie Whitley, assistant deputy minister of education, taught for 32 years, so she is accustomed to putting unruly kids in their place.

John Thompson / December 6, 2008

It was a pleasure
After 12 years of dildos, lubes, creams and lingerie, the two pioneers who sexed up Fourth Avenue are passing the torch to a new generation.

Tristin Hopper / December 6, 2008

Face the limits of democracy
The low craggy rock outcrop rises no more than about 150 metres above sea level. Actually, the harbour of Pireaus on the Saronic Gulf and the true…

Yukon News / December 6, 2008