Year: 2008

Letter to the Editor
A government deserves the democracy it elects I should be studying, but recent events have encouraged me to write down my opinions.

Yukon News / December 11, 2008

the race to be shovel ready
Even before taking office, president-elect Barack Obama has brought a new word into the political lexicon: “shovel-ready.

Keith Halliday / December 11, 2008

Wildlife Preserve welcomes winter visitors
Since we are unable to grow an extra layer of fur, it is safe to say that none of us would want to live outside in the winter and endure the frigid…

Yukon News / December 11, 2008

be the bigger man harper
Stephen Harper is acting in ways unbecoming of a prime minister. He holds the highest electable office in the land, but he isn’t interested in…

James Munson / December 11, 2008

backwoods politics
Stephen Harper bears a striking resemblance to my old dog Leshi, I noticed. Like our prime minister, not that long ago she also found her role as…

Lisa Hasselbring / December 11, 2008

Justice morale hits new low
If you’re looking for a healthy, collaborative, respectful workplace, don’t apply at Justice.

Genesee Keevil / December 11, 2008

WCB portfolio drops $20 million
The Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board has seen a $20-million devaluation to its investment portfolio, but rates will remain…

Tristin Hopper / December 11, 2008

Referendum court case cost city $38,000
To save the cost of a $14,000 referendum, Whitehorse has run up $38,000 in legal fees. And the legal fight isn’t over yet.

James Munson / December 11, 2008

Not a soul survived to tell the tale
It has been called the “worst marine tragedy in the history of the Alaskan coast” by the Dominion Government Service.

Yukon News / December 11, 2008

More than ever, slow down and listen
There are crows everywhere around our mountain home. Walking through the bush I always hear them cackling and cawing and they can get quite…

Richard Wagamese / December 11, 2008

Giving new meaning to waste heat
Wind gusts freely through the skeleton of the old Acorn sawmill. The southern wall is but a ribcage, its frame bare.

John Thompson / December 11, 2008

Standing up for Canada … A child stood silently on an overpass in southern Ontario this day waving a Canadian flag.

Doug Bell / December 11, 2008

OJ served to Nevada state prisoners
As the disgraced NFL star OJ Simpson begins his extended stay in a Nevada prison cell, he likely feels deep, utter remorse for the unspeakable act of…

Yukon News / December 11, 2008

Letter to the Editor
Ski-Doo and ATV crackdown needed Open letter to Whitehorse Mayor Bev Buckway, Riverdale North and South MLAs Ted Staffen and Glenn Hart re off…

Yukon News / December 9, 2008

keep the drunken excess in christmas
‘Keep Christ in Christmas” says the small billboard beside Fourth Avenue. Directed at all who would dare secularize the birth of Christ,…

Tristin Hopper / December 9, 2008

Feature Foods gets third straight win
Feature Foods may have found their groove. After a dismal 0-8 start to the season, Feature Foods are on their first winning streak, taking their…

Yukon News / December 9, 2008

Leaders of the next generation
Nina Camilli is a 16 year old, Grade 11 student at the Watson Lake Secondary School; David Giesbrecht, in Grade 12, is 17.

Yukon News / December 9, 2008

Airport spat settled
In early January, bidding will resume on the $15.7-million project to expand the Whitehorse airport terminal following a resolution of the legal…

John Thompson / December 9, 2008