Year: 2008

dempsters patrol goes down in history
On February 27, 1911, Cpl. William John Duncan Dempster received a message that would put his name into the Yukon history books forever.

Yukon News / December 18, 2008

careless grants can cause problems
Sometimes little paws can make big tracks. Such is the case with a daycare on Range Road. Little Paws moved out of its old location…

Richard Mostyn / December 18, 2008

Burning Hell chills out
Much like the Beatles going to India or Ernest Hemingway living in Paris, The Burning Hell frontman Mathias Kom has ventured to the Yukon winter to…

Tristin Hopper / December 18, 2008

Report in, no action taken
The Yukon Human Rights Commission finds itself in a “perceived conflict of interest,” says director Heather MacFadgen.

Genesee Keevil / December 18, 2008

Dear Santa: Christmas catalogues come in handy these days. They help us to describe clearly what we’d like you to bring us.

Doug Bell / December 18, 2008

Waiting for the big event
Christmas plans are not the topic of the day when I talk with our trapper neighbour on the radio. Rick will spend Christmas alone with his dogs,…

Lisa Hasselbring / December 18, 2008

Letter to the Editor
Survey causes discord Re Government Employee Morale: Who’s Hot, Who’s Not (the News, Dec.

Yukon News / December 16, 2008

a forced march on the sunny side of life
Dear Uma: Edward Abbey, wise old man of the desert, once said: “Society is like a stew; if you don’t stir it up once in a while a layer…

Heather Bennett / December 16, 2008

little doctor
This man is known as the “little doctor.” He was a healer and traveller, mostly healing people along the way.

Jim Robb / December 16, 2008

Mushers come out for game of chance
The Reach for the Sky and Take the Beer event held Sunday is more about luck than speed. Starting at Icy Waters fish farm on Fish Lake Road, the 19…

Yukon News / December 16, 2008