Year: 2008

Redfern in the hot seat over Tulsequah
The owners of a controversial mine project near Atlin, BC, are facing tough questions about how their proposed barge route down the Taku River will…

John Thompson / December 20, 2008

Visionary entrepreneur will be missed
On Thursday evening, David Hughes Robertson passed away at the age of 72. Robertson was a well-known Yukon businessman and former owner of the Yukon…

Genesee Keevil / December 20, 2008

a perplexing and peace proffering christmas
The Christmas story has been told countless times over the two millennia since the event occurred in Bethlehem in the far away hills of Judea.

Yukon News / December 20, 2008

Actually, it is rocket science
Tom Tessier can’t get away from his phone. He backtracks on a scheduled interview because of another call from the Catlin Arctic Survey, a…

James Munson / December 20, 2008

Tippy Mah tips hospital foundation
Whitehorse General Hospital’s new CT scanner will soon be on its way, thanks to a $100,000 donation by local entrepreneur Tippy Mah.

Genesee Keevil / December 20, 2008

Drawing blood from the unwilling
‘No” may no longer mean “No” for Yukoners when it comes to drawing blood, taking pills or undergoing medical exams.

Genesee Keevil / December 20, 2008

Power to the people
True story. The other day, a 12-year-old boy was watching an episode of Smallville with his parents. In the show, the lights flickered and went…

Richard Mostyn / December 20, 2008

Finding solace in the solstice
Dave Haddock is getting in touch with his solar cycle. As artistic director of this year’s Longest Night performance, Haddock will at the same…

James Munson / December 20, 2008

Letter to the Editor
Yukon topping the rise in  national incarceration rates The latest information from Statistics Canada shows a bleak performance in crime…

Yukon News / December 18, 2008

is there anybody out there
It is so hard to be held accountable these days. I’ve been writing this column for six months, each week crafting my arguments and sculpting my…

Yukon News / December 18, 2008

Nielsen’s name soars on
The man who used to drop out of the sky in remote Yukon communities to check on his constituents will now be remembered by travellers.

Genesee Keevil / December 18, 2008

Airport Chalet robbed at knife point
An armed robber stormed the front desk of the Airport Chalet with a knife Tuesday night. Several witnesses saw the culprit, who robbed the clerk of…

James Munson / December 18, 2008

Warriors sweep first Super Hoops of season
On the heels of the Road to the Gold tournament held last weekend, in which the FH Collins Warriors were finalists in both the girls’ and…

Yukon News / December 18, 2008

its the time of year for reflection
Maybe it’s the particular age I am that asks this of me come Christmas time or maybe it’s just the plain fact that deeper nights and…

Richard Wagamese / December 18, 2008

cutting up the national credit card
Ever woken up after a spending spree and hacked your credit card in half with the nearest pointy object? It can be a wise thing to do.

Keith Halliday / December 18, 2008