Year: 2007

Trailblazer Greenlaw honoured
The Trans-Canada Trail passes through Whitehorse, along the Copper Haul Road, on its way to the Beaufort Sea at Tuktoyaktuk — and an urban…

Ian Stewart / December 11, 2007

New life in Alaska Highway pipeline proposal
The Yukon will know by spring whether or not an Alaskan natural gas pipeline will pass through the territory, bringing with it economic benefits for…

Yukon News / December 11, 2007

Dion woos Yukon
tephane Dion gets it. But his ability to communicate it needs work. Dion was in Whitehorse Friday addressing community and business leaders, his…

Genesee Keevil / December 11, 2007

Letter to the Editor
Harper’s games cause for concern Right now, Canada is taking part in international negotiations to address climate change.

Yukon News / December 8, 2007

Cash Minerals sued over unpaid bills
Mining exploration firm Cash Minerals Ltd. is being sued for more than $395,000 in unpaid bills. The claim was filed in the BC Supreme Court by…

Chris Oke / December 8, 2007

Namaste Notes
Saturday, December 8 – On Bodhi Day Buddhists celebrate Prince Gautama’s vow to attain supreme enlightenment.

Michael Dougherty / December 8, 2007

our saviour brad cathers
There’s a lot of room for advancement in the trades, said Justice Minister Marian Horne. Start as an apprentice and work your way up to…

Yukon News / December 8, 2007

welcome to the dark side
The Climate Change Performance Index rates the climate protection efforts of the 56 nations that pump 90 per cent of the world’s CO2 emissions…

Yukon News / December 8, 2007

memories of the future
The Quebracho Colorado tree grows mainly in the Chaco. Quebracho, which comes from the Spanish expression “quiebra hacha” means…

Yukon News / December 8, 2007

City considers cemetery options
The Grey Mountain Cemetery Master Plan may include culturally specific areas, a pet cemetery and green burials.

Chris Oke / December 8, 2007

the scent of a cover up
From the sleazy heart of the military industrial complex, where quiet money seals the deals and success depends on good connections and a low public…

Yukon News / December 8, 2007

Mt. Mac Ski Report
By the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club Snow news is bad news. For those who are determined to ski, it is possible, but it’s wearing thin.

Yukon News / December 8, 2007

Compensation board might name names
Publishing companies’ safety records could help Yukoners make informed employment choices and lower workplace injury rates.

Matthew Grant / December 8, 2007