Year: 2006

Local film draws blood from Paris
When Celia McBride and her sister Clara hit “a blood clash,” the film set fell silent. “Oh, oh, the sisters are fighting,”…

Genesee Keevil / December 7, 2006

Mount Sima brings on a pro
Yukon freestyle skiers have found their leader in Jon Standing. Mount Sima’s new freestyle head coach and alpine sports co-ordinator literally…

Ian Stewart / December 7, 2006

Casting beeswax in a new light
Katy Delau’s house smells like a beehive. And there’s wax all over the place. But she doesn’t raise bees.

Genesee Keevil / December 7, 2006

Chronicles of the Capital’s drug problem
Though the Capital Hotel’s bar has a red sign hanging near its front door proclaiming it a “drug-free zone,” the place has a…

Leighann Chalykoff / December 7, 2006

Yukon meteorite revolutionizes astrobiology
Early life forms may have hitched a ride to Earth on meteorites, said top NASA scientist Mike Zolensky of the Johnson Space Centre in Texas.

Yukon News / December 7, 2006

Letter to the Editor
McRobb’s cheap shot Open letter to Liberal MLA Gary McRobb: After being made aware of, and then reading the comments in Hansard that you made…

Yukon News / December 7, 2006

Top cop’s reign should end
Befuddled RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli should be sacked. His six-year stint as RCMP commissioner has seen many controversies, but the…

Yukon News / December 7, 2006

wake up canada the speeches are over
Pet ferrets across Canada became mysteriously lethargic last Friday, and Jack Russell terriers were lulled to peaceful stillness by TV coverage of…

Yukon News / December 5, 2006

Conservative cuts target women
During the last federal election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to respect and promote women’s human rights.

Genesee Keevil / December 5, 2006

a liberal not to be trifled with
On the weekend, the federal Liberal Party remade itself. In choosing Stephane Dion, a former university professor, the party did much to rid itself…

Yukon News / December 5, 2006

Jump, twirl and spin for gold
After countless hours practicing in chilly rinks, Yukon’s figure skaters put their skills to the test during Saturday’s Yukon Gold Nugget…

Ian Stewart / December 5, 2006

Yukon wildlife mounted on café walls
Peter Mather has shot dozens of sheep. He’s shot moose, terns, ravens, wolves and grizzlies — mums and cubs — without remorse.

Leighann Chalykoff / December 5, 2006

Bagnell upbeat about Dion
Yukon MP Larry Bagnell’s horse broke his leg and lost the Liberal leadership race on the final corner in Montreal.

Tim Querengesser / December 5, 2006