Pre Skagway 10 miler

Forty-three participants enjoyed ideal weather conditions while running the Chocolate Claim pre-Skagway 10-miler held Sunday, August 26.

Forty-three participants enjoyed ideal weather conditions while running the Chocolate Claim pre-Skagway 10-miler held Sunday, August 26.

Athletics Yukon would like to thank The Chocolate Claim for sponsorship of the event and the two draw prizes, won by Mike MacBride and Melissa Yeoman.

A big thank you is also extended to the volunteers: Linda Stratis, Betty Sutton, Pauline Talsma, Don Fedus, Sarah Mundell and Don White.

The results are as follows:


Keith Clarke 1:10:22

Keith Thaxter 1:10:31

Sean McCarron 1:11:36

Bill Matiation 1:13:10

Mark Connell 1:14:06

Jake Derksen 1:19:23

Ross Knox 1:20:15

Bob Nishikawa 1:25:25

John Firth 1:31:07

Bryan Craven 1:32:10

Grant MacDonald 1:32:37

Darren Stoddart 1:34:12

Tim Shoniker 1:34:46

Peter Jensen 1:35:40

Brian Mottus 1:36:01

Mike McBride 1:36:26

Tom Wyers 1:37:51

Michael Svoboda 1:39:19


Maura Sullivan 1:14:06

Sandra Orban 1:17:29

Helen Stappers 1:18:11

Keltie Hollingdale 1:19:23

Lindsay Blair 1:19:35

Michele McDonnell 1:19:43

Amy Riske 1:25:11

Megan Phillips 1:29:28

Jenny Bonny 1:35:52

Michelle Boleen 1:35:52

Rachel Moser 1:35:52

Valerie Neufeld 1:36:54

Shannon Wyers 1:37:51

Christine Paradis 1:38:08

Brenda Morrison 1:39:09

Debby Kitchen 1:39:16

Brenda Dion 1:39:57

Wendy Tayler 1:40:44

Terice Reimer-Clarke 1:41:21

Kristi Muller 1:41:21

Melissa Yeomans 1:43:26

Alexia McKinnon 2:04:36

Coralie Ullyett 2:09:26

Jodi Gustafson 2:09:26

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