Our Team

Mike Thomas
867-667-6285 ext. 230
Mike Thomas started as a photographer at the Yukon News in 1993 and became publisher after Black Press purchased the paper in September 2013.

Chris Windeyer
867-667-6285 ext 245
Chris Windeyer has worked as a journalist in the North since 2006. He worked briefly as a newspaper reporter in Yellowknife before moving to Iqaluit, where he worked at Nunavut News/North and Nunatsiaq News for almost six years. He moved back to Yellowknife in 2011 to work at Up Here Business magazine. In 2014 he moved to Dawson City, where he worked as a stringer for CBC and as a freelancer. In July of 2016, he became the editor of the Yukon News.

Ashley Joannou
867-667-6285 ext. 222
Ashley Joannou has worked as a journalist in the territory since 2011. She came to the Yukon via newspapers in New Brunswick and Alberta. In the territory she has covered the justice and municipal politics beats. She is currently the Yukon News territorial politics reporter. She has won multiple BC/Yukon newspaper awards for her coverage of issues including the treatment of inmates with mental health concerns.

Lori Garrison
867-667-6285 ext. 231
Lori Garrison is a writer, journalist and poet whose work has appeared in numerous Canadian newspapers and magazines. Her work at the Yukon News focuses on community, arts, environment and agriculture. Lori works in close partnership with junior newsroom dog, Herman. She is secretly deeply in love with Joan Didion.

Sports Reporter
Tom Patrick
867-667-6285 ext. 221
After graduating from Laurier University in 2006 with degrees in English and history, Tom Patrick wrote for online publications and worked in television as a reporter and producer. In 2007 he began an eight-month stint as sports reporter and court reporter at the Molokai Times in Hawaii. He has been the sports reporter at the Yukon News since June 2008.

Joel Krahn
867-667-6285 ext. 223
Joel Krahn moved up to Whitehorse to work with the Yukon News in 2015 from Vancouver, where he was slogging it out as a freelancer. He enjoys keeping his finger on the pulse of the community by attending and capturing all the unique events and occurrences Whitehorse has to offer.

Born on the mean streets of Hull, Que., Herman is a newshound from the school of hard knocks. Along with his partner, reporter Lori Garrison, Herman has travelled Canada from coast to coast, working as everything from a ranch dog on a cherry farm to a member of an anti-bear security patrol in bush camps. He loves the poetry of Rumi, long walks on the beach and sticks. He once ate an entire three-pound wheel of brie.

Morale Officer
Gizmo is the official keeper of good spirits at the Yukon News. He informs the publisher when the staff are in desperate need for pizza, but his primary role is to relieve stress by offering himself up for belly rubs.