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Yukon kitten rescued after 30 hours stuck in a tree - Photos

Wednesday January 18, 2017


After hearing cries from her newly-adopted kitten outside, owner Janis Jessop realized the cat was stuck at the top of a 23-metre spruce tree on her property outside of Whitehorse. Calls to the fire department and ATCO Electric revealed that neither are equipped to rescue animals in trees. Jessop sent messages out on social media and got in contact with Russ Hobbis, who runs Bilsten Creek Tree service.


Kitty Katterman wrote:
8:40am Tuesday January 24, 2017

‘Rah! Please keep cats indoors for their safety from cars, rotten humans, and fleas, etc.; and for birds’ safety, too. Not to mention loggers’ smile!

Photo 6 makes me think of nature’s reaction overall to human activity.

Kelli wrote:
9:22pm Friday January 20, 2017

wonderful story and beautiful cat

Tony Knight wrote:
3:26pm Thursday January 19, 2017

Restores my faith in Humanity!

Maryann Samms wrote:
9:06am Thursday January 19, 2017

What an exceptional, heart-warming story!

OJW wrote:
9:53pm Wednesday January 18, 2017

Good job!  Great pictures of the rescue.

Sandra Banfill wrote:
9:37pm Wednesday January 18, 2017

    Cat Lover…after all that…Your cats could…be. doing you less stress…if they are in Door Cats…mine are!!!!

Donna wrote:
9:23pm Wednesday January 18, 2017

I am a cat person and would have been absolutely frantic if this had happened to one of my cats. My thanks to Russ for his kindness and courage to help both kitty and owner. By the way that is a beautiful cat.

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