Recalling clans for ‘invisible’ fathers

The loss of the aboriginal family is synonymous with the loss of First Nations' clan systems, says Champagne and Aishihik First Nation elder Chuck Hume.

Dawson City tourists can team up to solve a murder most foul

The door closed, followed by the click of a lock. The timer showed 60 minutes. That’s how long we had to solve a murder and find our way out of the room.

Africans see themselves through an African lens

Photojournalist Robertson Bales spent years documenting development projects in Southeast Asia and South America — but his latest venture…

Tragically Hip members, Alex Trebek receive Order of Canada
    Quebec mall criticized for Santa visiting on Remembrance Day
      REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
        Owners drop price on N.B. private island

          Canadian MP battles distress in Darfur

          After working for 10 years in southern Sudan, Liberal MP Glen Pearson got caught up in Darfur’s suffering.

          A decade of marriage equality in the Yukon

          For their 10-year wedding anniversary on July 17, Stephen and Rob Dunbar-Edge wanted to do something significant and rather unconventional.

          Get Out!

          Ever wonder what the narrative potential of still photography is? Get your answer at the Yukon Art Centre public gallery. Still Films explores the notion of sequence in mind.

          Carefully folded dreams in the Congo

          Yesterday I had to fill out a form to start scheduling my flights home. In only four weeks I leave here - and the sudden realization made me quite sad.

          Protecting pastoralism for the world

          Last July, the Maasai, an ethnic group of traditionally pastoral people in northern Tanzania, were attacked and kicked off their homeland by their government.

          April is the best month to visit Alaska

          Doug Sack Here is one of the best-kept secrets in the Yukon...Here is one of the best-kept secrets in the Yukon… or maybe I was just the last to find out about it.

          Get Out!

          Presented by BC choreographer Sarah Chase, On the Ice of Labrador features seven unique dance narratives presented by seven members of Montreal Danse. Aviators, trombone players,

          Get Out!

          Timber Timbre is in the Yukon! For those cult-followers of band, just skip to the bottom for show times and ticket prices. For those who are still trying to figure out what's going on: Timber Timbre is a three-person crew with a harrowing sound.

          Don Taylor’s pioneer wilderness life at Stewart Lake

          After six months of coughing up blood and being juggled through the Yukon medical system, Taylor's diagnosis was finally confirmed by the BC Cancer Centre in Vancouver in early November.

          All you need is love … and someone to cover you

          In November 2004, US Marines in Fallujah were conducting a house-to-house search for insurgents; in one supposedly vacant building they heard a…

          One year later, Haiti still in pieces

          It's been exactly one year since a massive earthquake struck Haiti, but you'd be forgiven for thinking the disaster occurred much more recently, based on how much work is still needed to rebuild the country.

          A Pinoy in the Wilderness City

          I decided to stop what I was doing. My eyelids were drooping and I couldn’t stop myself from yawning incessantly. I needed a break.

          A solitary life mixed with happiness and sorrow

          By Tor Forsberg Special to the News Thirty-five years ago, Pam Nugent left Aldergrove, BC, for Watson Lake, drawn by her new husband. He had a dream of the North, of living in the bush.

          Justice system fails people with FASD

          Sylvie Baril's son has been in and out of jail more than a dozen times. He's only 19. Each time he's released from jail, he usually breaks his probation order in less than a week.

          Postie diva takes a shot at stardom

          Consider it a cross between Survivor and Canadian Idol. The premise subjects six would-be Pavarottis and Emmy Destinns, from all walks of life, to…

          Varietease returns with a devilish twist

          Voluptuous vixens and luscious lads are bound to get your heart rate pumping this week during the fifth edition of Varietease, a burlesque cabaret.

          Cryptic art fuses opera and AIDS

          This is going to get confusing. Really confusing. Currently, the Yukon Arts Centre gallery is hosting a multimedia exhibit. It’s odd.