Old Crow ski loppet celebrates Father Mouchet’s legacy

Pavlina Sudrich In 1963, Martha Benjamin became a legend in the Canadian sport world. The Gwich'in mother of five didn't just win the national cross-country ski championships in Ontario.

Time machine for rent

They don't make motorcycles like they used to. Just ask Jorg Michel. The 50-year-old has monkeyed around with the machines ever since he was a young teenager.

Whitehorse filmmakers investigate the paranormal in new web series

The Palace Grand Theatre in Dawson City presented a variety of acts during the Gold Rush era - acrobats, dancing bears and knife-throwers, among others - so it's not too hard to imagine paranormal activity within those walls.

REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
    Tragically Hip members, Alex Trebek receive Order of Canada
      Quebec mall criticized for Santa visiting on Remembrance Day
        REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video

          Get Out!

          Follow in the footsteps of a Canadian hero and join in the Terry Fox Run on Sunday. The global tradition continues Fox's efforts in 1980 to raise money for cancer research. The 29th annual run begins at 12:30 p..

          Running on fumes

          ATLIN Mike Stevens’ best audiences sniff gas. Although playing for kids holding green garbage bags to their faces leaves the harmonica player…

          Hockey returns to Ross River

          At a community meeting about the centre, hosted by the Ross River Dena Council on Tuesday, people pointed through the windows at the massive twisted frame and talked about its arrival in the summer of 1989.

          Keeping the Tlingit language alive

          When you're teaching the second-most difficult language in the world, you need patience, says Emma Sam. And she should know.

          Whitehorse fundraiser supports blood cancer research

          Carol Deuling doesn't have a bucket list. She's never been the type of person to put things off, to wait until retirement to do what she wants. She's travelled a lot, and worked part-time for many years.

          Home baking and old friends lure mushers to McCabe Creek

          McCABE CREEK Mushers eat a lot. Jari Kruse had been baking for the last four days, and the homemade cinnamon buns were almost gone.

          Rescuing Haitian children while scraping for cash

          Like many young women away from home, Morgan Wienberg needs money. But the 20-year-old, who hails from Whitehorse, isn't hoping her mother, Karen, sends her cash to cover school and groceries.

          Creating community solutions to community problems

          If Canada’s court system is a square peg, some northern communities are a round hole. “It’s not very useful to put people in a…

          Whitehorse man’s homemade zamboni keeps hockey rink alive

          One of the best ice surfaces in the territory can be found on a small outdoor rink in the heart of the Hillcrest subdivision, far away from the road and nestled among spruce trees.

          Empowering women is the secret to ending much African misery

          After the water washed back into the sea, aid continued to pour into the countries bordering the Indian Ocean that had been devastated by the 2004…

          Yukoner heads to the HIV front lines

          Stephanie Bamforth is finally going to do the kind of nursing she's always wanted. In a month, she'll be tending the sick in Oudalan province, Burkina Faso, where people live in raised thatched homes to keep from being buried in sandstorms.

          Consent crews tour territory’s music festivals

          Consent is everything: that's the message being spread at the Dawson City Music Festival and other events this summer by women's groups as part of a campaign against sexual violence.

          The toughest bike ride in the world

          KASHGAR to DARCHEN Kashgar impressed Marco Polo more than 700 years ago; he says it was the biggest and most splendid city in the region.

          Documentary revisits historic ascent in Kluane National Park

          Robert F. Kennedy had never climbed a mountain in his life when he stepped foot on the tarmac at the Whitehorse airport in March 1965.

          And God said, let there be tarsands…

          Bishop Luc Bouchard is at the crossroads between morality and big oil. His parish, the St. Paul diocese in northeastern Alberta, is home to the Athabasca oilsands.

          Robert Service remembered in alpine expedition

          There are strange things done in the midnight sun, by the men who seek adventure and fame. But perhaps none stranger than a group of American adventurers climbing a lonely Canadian mountain...

          Bringing books to Bariadi

          Many Canadian immigrants send money back home. Leonard Boniface sent a library. In January, the Mobile Youth Container Center officially opened in Bariadi, Tanzania, Boniface's hometown.