Big snowshoes to fill

Strings of deer and elk hide were wrapped around the pillars outside the Ta'an Kwach'an Council's health centre like cobwebs this weekend. "The sun helps keep them white," said facilitator Chuck Hume.

Haves are no happier than have nots

It was a vacation to a sun-drenched, exotic location — complete with long beaches, thick rainforest and lava-spewing volcanoes.

Yukon calls to all young francophones

Young French-speakers are leaving the territory. But one group is working to make the Yukon a more hospitable place for them.

Quebec mall criticized for Santa visiting on Remembrance Day
    REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
      Owners drop price on N.B. private island
        Starbucks releases new holiday cups

          Quilts, catering, and community keep Junction mom busy

          So what does a stay-home-mom do all day long, anyway? Ask Pam Butterfield of Haines Junction. Butterfield has had little chance of escaping art as…

          A sure sign of safety

          Few people can stop moving vehicles with a glance, but Leonard Gordon Sr. can. And sometimes he doesn't even have to do that. Many of the cars that pass him on a regular basis slow down to wait for his attention. Drivers honk, wave and, most importantly, they slow down.

          In the maw of the beast

          If Paul Nicklen isn't chasing death, he's not doing his job. The National Geographic photographer has been bitten by seals, charged by a grizzly bear, crashed two ultralight planes...

          Yukon native language story book crosses the Pacific

          A story book used in teaching Aboriginal languages in the Yukon may soon be helping indigenous people in Siberian Russia learn their own Ket language.

          Assessing risks, and benefits

          Trish Newport Special to the News Zinder, Niger Two weeks ago, in Niger, two French men were kidnapped and killed by al-Qaida. One of the men worked for a medical NGO in Niger, and was scheduled to get married this week.

          After 30 years, a final trip for Whitehorse’s resident Greyhound driver

          Roger Veilleux has been a bus driver with Greyhound for 31 years. He’s been driving the same run, between Whitehorse and Fort Nelson, for the last 16.

          On the hunt for tasty fungi

          North Americans are fungal phobic. We're less likely than Asians and Eastern Europeans to take a walk in the woods to forage for fungi.

          Don’t forget to go dancing now and then

          Clara Schinkel loved to dance in big, high-heeled shoes. Even after arthritis bowed her body, the 70-year old wolf clan matriarch was sometimes…

          Danny Nowlan (June 4, 1929 October 23, 2011)

          Danny Nowlan arrived in the Yukon in the late 1940s as a lean, scrappy, headstrong and handsome young forest ranger who loved to work and play hard.

          A gift of life

          When Megan Holosko was a toddler she never suspected the cousin who doted and cared for her would, one day, see her looking after him. But that's exactly what happened.

          Skiing, God and Father Mouchet

          I'm at 1,900 metres on a British Columbia mountain when I find out Father Mouchet has died. Part of me feels gutted, but another part feels a deep building joy.

          Get Out!

          Orange You Curious, an exhibition of works by landscape painter and wildlife artist Heidi Hehn, continues at Yukon Artists at Work Gallery 200-120 Industrial Road, 5 to 8 p.m. until November 8.

          Car selling stint steers young man home

          HAINES JUNCTION Many contend you can’t go home again. Darren Madley is proof that you can. The serious-minded, 26 year old spent the past 18…

          Laments of a ‘semi skilled labourer’

          This autumn, during my recent six-month transition from a retired oilpatch catskinner to a born-again Yukon cheechako, I did a pretty good job keeping my yap shut.

          Connecting with music, thousands of kilometres away

          Everett Igobwa has the kind of love of music that you'd expect from someone who plays 15 instruments. He can play the piano and most of the brass and woodwind instruments.

          Old Crow ski loppet celebrates Father Mouchet’s legacy

          Pavlina Sudrich In 1963, Martha Benjamin became a legend in the Canadian sport world. The Gwich'in mother of five didn't just win the national cross-country ski championships in Ontario.

          Time machine for rent

          They don't make motorcycles like they used to. Just ask Jorg Michel. The 50-year-old has monkeyed around with the machines ever since he was a young teenager.