Piano man invites Whitehorse residents and visitors to tickle the ivory

Plans to put pianos in public spaces would Whitehorse on par with cities around the world

Life lines: Te Wehi Preston brings Māori tattooing to the Yukon

‘Tā moko is not a tattoo for our people. It is a way of life’

Rain fails to dampen fun at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival

‘This is one of the top folk music festivals in the country’

REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


    REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


      REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


        REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video


          Angling for one of Yukon’s overlooked fishing gems

          Fish and game association educates kids on the upside of the overlooked whitefish

          Traditional watercraft take to Yukon River

          ‘Our ancestor’s stories are going to be our stories now. We’re going to make legends’

          First we eat: Dawson woman to subsist on local food only for a year

          Eggs, meat, fish, berries: Yes. Chocolate and coffee? No.

          Skagway’s gold rush park offers view of the Gold Rush’s ugly side

          New exhibits reveal the history of racism, prostitution and theft during Chilkoot trail era

          Archaeologist salvages Skagway’s Gold Rush history by sifting through trash

          Newly unearthed site Chilkoot Trail site was at risk of washing away

          Gaylight shines bright in Whitehorse

          Whitehorse’s Main Street was once again a flowing river of colour, support and pride on June 10.

          Dog days of summer: Yukon Kennel Club hosts 46th annual dog show

          Janine Starink has a hair dryer in one hand and a brush in the other. She softly hums to the music playing on her portable speaker as she gets ready to carefully brush. But it’s not her hair she’s doing. Today isn’t about her. It’s all about Manny.

          Champagne and Aishihik scholar lands prestigious scholarship

          Jocelyn Joe-Strack was sitting on her desk, writing up the working land use plan for her First Nation’s land when she was struck with an idea.

          Advice for new gardeners: Kick the tires, then grow potatoes in them

          The kale took longer than expected to come up. I suppose that’s because kale, when fully grown, will overrun a garden like a particularly delicious weed in about the time it takes to sneeze.

          After 30 years, a final trip for Whitehorse’s resident Greyhound driver

          Roger Veilleux has been a bus driver with Greyhound for 31 years. He’s been driving the same run, between Whitehorse and Fort Nelson, for the last 16.

          At Lumel Studios, glass blowing program for ‘river walkers’ is ‘just right’

          Glass artist Mark Steudle twists the molten glass — which has been heated in a furnace to 1,200C — about the end of the pipe with decisive but delicate care.

          Whitehorse’s thrift stores are gone, but the flea market lives on

          A child skips past holding a naked doll, a bead braided into its hair. An older man with the sleeves of his polo shirt rolled up to his shoulders leafs through a box of records, setting aside a copy of Bach’s collected symphonies with a well-loved cover.

          Yukon health and wellness conference highlights local fitness industry

          Yukon’s most fit and those hoping to get shredded will be sweating and learning in the Whitehorse Westmark hotel next month.

          These little farmers go to market

          Everybody loves a farmer’s market — the stalls brimming with vegetables, the artisans selling handcrafted goods, the smell of grilling food, the sound of kids running and shrieking through the stalls.

          Why we don’t report

          When the police came, they stepped inside wearing black polished boots, dripping salt and slush on the floor. The officers were both young white males and stood with their hands on their hips.