Parking snitch isn’t very neighbourly

Yes, life in the Yukon has been a good experience in the 50 or so years I have been here, but lately I am not so sure.

Yes, life in the Yukon has been a good experience in the 50 or so years I have been here, but lately I am not so sure.

I live on Mallard Way and made the mistake of parking my truck on the street (public domain) for a few days. I did not realize the 72-hour by-law that prevents me from doing so. I was quickly informed by the By-Law office of my mistake and was informed that an anonymous complaint was filed.

I take full responsibility for my infraction. I did not realize that I was taking another person’s parking space, even though it is public space and anyone can use it for 72 hours. I assumed it was for all to share.

This complainant perhaps assumes that it is their space, as they pay taxes and they are entitled. Some people think they can use the law (or not) to intimidate others. That is the part that bothered me the most, using intimidation and bullying to get what you want. To get your entitlement.

What happened to getting along? You cannot call yourself a Yukoner.

Joseph Volf


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