Microsoft and the fools of April

As April draws to a close, most people have probably already forgotten about the April Fools event that did not happen, this year: the massive internet disturbance, much warned about and ballyhooed in the press, caused by the computer worm called Conficke

The real McGee

‘There are strange things done in the midnight sun “By the men who moil for gold; The Arctic trails have their secret tales That would…

A bottle of cool, refreshing estrogen, anyone?

What kind of dictator allows scientists to conduct potentially maiming and deadly experiments on its citizens? In this day in age, it’s the…

Elk Bugling
    Rare comic showing Superman's 1st appearance to be auctioned
    • 2 hours ago
    Tragically Hip members, Alex Trebek receive Order of Canada
    • 48 mins ago
    Health minister says there's no easy solution to opioid crisis

      Dawson City’s Palace Bakery

      It’s the Palace Bakery, which once stood on the entrance to Dawson City. I found the Palace Bakery building interesting in 1961 so I sketched…


      A Merry Christmas to you and yours — may the people under your roof never fall out, and may your roof never fall in. The freedom gift . . .

      Democracy matters more than delegates

      The Democratic race is not about who has the most delegates. Or better put, it’s not about who has the most delegates in February or March or…

      Shaking earth and preconceptions

      Hector Bravo and his family planned to begin their trip home to Canada last Friday from Santiago, the capital of Chile. A bird strike, though, on a turbine of their arriving plane meant an overnight delay.

      ‘Rationalize’ and other handy euphemisms

      To rationalize is to "structure and run according to rational or scientific principles in order to achieve desired results," according to one dictionary.

      It’s a wrap…

      The recent 12-day sitting of the Yukon legislature was never going to produce much. Fittingly, most of the Yukon Party government’s work is…

      The horror of the White Pass Trail

      'There's no choice (between the Chilkoot Pass and the White Pass)," said pioneer Mont Hawthorn when comparing the two major gold rush passes to the Klondike, "One's hell. The other's damnation.

      Giving thanks to moose

      "Uh," grunted the bull, "uh!" Silent except for his grunting, the moose moved around in the trees, tantalizingly close but invisible at the same time. He would not come out.

      The burning of wilderness cabins

      The mystery of the burning of Yukon wilderness cabins is gaining some interest.

      I ride because I care

      On May 1, the city of Whitehorse unveils its Wheel 2 Work program as an incentive to get folks peddling.

      A tale of two pianos

      It was the best of pianos, it was the worst of pianos. My wife Kathy and I were visiting England with my family in 2002, and we were staying with my brother-in-law David in London.

      Hide the cheese It’s the cops, or buyer beware, seller take cover

      Dear Uma: I know I ought not to be surprised by anything that happens in your part of the world; after all, they elected a governor whom Clive James has described as looking like "a brown condom full of walnuts," but the news that Jason and Sarah's food

      Tornadoes, fires and floods

      You know what a pot of water looks like when it has reached a rolling boil. The underside of the grey green clouds passing over us literally looked like that madly bubbling and churning water.

      It’s nothing serious, just war

      Canada is now a nation at war, and as far as the country’s prime minister is concerned, it’s not a serious issue.

      Who suffers, who dies

      The Ex-Convento of Santa Maria de Churubusco now sits completely surrounded by low lying residential neighbourhoods on the edge of Coyoacan, a district on the south side of Mexico City.

      Letter to the Editor

      John Graham to appeal Justice minister’s ruling John Graham appeared before the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver, on Friday.

      A close brush with disaster

      "Fire! The smokehouse is burning!" Tom's eyes are wide with fear as he races outside. Sam and I jump up, tipping over the Monopoly board, my pulse thudding heavily in my ears.