One for the birds

Eight people could sit around the tables in a hall not unlike the CYO Hall underneath Sacred Heart Cathedral here in Whitehorse where the Weekend Soup Kitchen volunteers have been faithfully serving meals to our community's hungry for the last 18 years.

Religion between friends

If I were to go one step further west I would get wet, very wet. Alice Loenberg from over at Fairweather Cove sits next to me and we both stare out…


Yukon government employees as of 2002: 3,749. Yukon government employees as of 2006: 4,444. Percentage increase: 19.

Elk Bugling
    Vehicle incidents close Coquihalla
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    'The Last Jedi' is going to be the longest 'Star Wars' movie yet
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    REPLAY: This week in B.C. in video
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    Spring and a bush dweller’s thoughts turn to water worries

    The inner gurglings of our stomachs and intestines have been our main conversation piece for the past weeks.

    In praise of PPPOE

    A minor but significant difference in the at-home internet experience here in Brazil is that many of the internet service providers -- including the one I use in my present digs in Sao Paulo -- use a procedure called PPPOE.

    Seeing through the cloud

    I returned just last Friday from a three-day junket to Banff, where I attended an information technology conference about something called "cyberinfratstructure" That word may be as difficult to type as it is to pronounce, but it has a specific and justif

    From Patrick to us

    Kidnapped as a youth, forced into slavery, he escaped and returned to his homeland only to be called back to serve his former captors in a very different way.

    Letter to the Editor

    City shenanigans On Monday, Whitehorse is planning a public hearing on bylaws that are supposed to be in accord with the greenspace referendum…

    Talking the talk

    It is always nice to kick off spring with appreciation and awareness of the Yukon’s fauna and flora.

    Moose to the rescue

    I was glad to see the plough had already come through. Two kindly moose had wandered onto my snowed-in trail, found better footing there and, obligingly, continued into the forest along it.

    Eating ugly fish

    I shall not say about other Europeans, but Icelanders did not eat monkfish for the longest time. There was only one reason for this.

    Information from Otto Blattler about the South Fork Intake

    My good friend Otto Blattler, of Dawson City, sent me an old photograph of his late wife Pia and son Eric (top left), which was taken more than 30 years ago at the South Fork Intake on the Klondike River.

    Fooled by hens

    The chickens have done it again. Luckily they waited this time until Sam had left - he's been gone for the past few weeks working - and that's about the only good thing I can say about the situation.

    In the clutches of soft snow

    Time to holster up. As walking anywhere in the afternoon becomes impossible, the mushy snow collapsing soufflé-like and swallowing half a leg…

    To put it bluntly, development dooms our wild teachers

    There are fewer creatures on the timber road. When the dog and I walk into the backcountry behind our home in the mountains we were used to seeing…

    Want a Ferrari? Learn to frack

    Oil industry reporter Nathan Vanderklippe, in an article for the Globe Investor, predicts that this spring will see a sudden rise in the number of Italian sports cars on the streets of Calgary.

    Building a home, building a life

    This house we call a home nestles between towering pines and fir. It’s 25 years old now, built by the knowing hand of a 72-year-old bachelor…

    Chiefs determined to protect their land from miners

    LAKE BOSUMTWI, Ghana It was a mistake to simply hand over the Schnapps as soon as we sat down with the elders of Abonu village.

    Jujiro Wada: Prospector, legendary musher and champion marathon runner

    It was the autumn of 1902 and the Yukon was hungry for another gold strike. There was a find near Fairbanks, and suddenly Jujiro Wada found himself in the midst of the frenzy.

    Mining recorders represent 125 years of history in Yukon

     The old building was dark and dank. The floor squeaked under our feet and echoed in the corridor.