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Making trails to legislation

Friday June 4, 2010

The Trails Only Yukon Association would like to thank all those who have shown support after our initial public meeting May 6th.

Since that time, TOYA undertook a survey and petition of 713 residences in the Whitehorse area.

The petition focused on the need for legislation to provide formal guidance regarding ATV use in the territory, and specifically the four principles noted below.

Â¥ 71 per cent of respondents signed the petition

Â¥ 13 per cent were undecided

Â¥ 16 per cent were opposed

Our mandate and goals remain the four principles stated at our public meeting.

We advocate for:

1. Designated trails in the Yukon wilderness

The Yukon is a vast land with thousands of kilometres of existing roads and trails that might well be suitable as designated trails. TOYA believes these designations are best left to government through a public consultation process with special consideration given to wildlife and habitat protection.

2. Off-road vehicle legislation

TOYA supports appropriate legislation to provide certainty for ATV users while ensuring protection for the environment.

3. Effective enforcement

Legislation requires effective enforcement to support initiatives.

Enforcement has been effective in other jurisdictions and can be developed and implemented for an area as unique as the Yukon as well.

4. Education

Education can be very effective for those who ride responsibly and respect the environment. TOYA supports this as one component of overall policy initiatives.

One of TOYA’s hopes was that a public debate and awareness of the issue would take place. We encourage all interested parties to continue requesting that policy makers make ATV legislation a priority.

For more information visit the soon to be activated TOYA website at: http://www.trailsonly.ca or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

TOYA steering committee:

Ken Taylor, Vern Peters, Tony Grabowski, Manfred Hoefs, Dennis Peters


riptide wrote:
12:39pm Monday June 14, 2010

In addition to what Chris has mentioned, I’d like to ask about point 3.

3. Effective enforcement

How much is this going to cost? And how effective will it actually be?

YORRA wrote:
2:34am Saturday June 12, 2010

It is interesting that your organization began the discussion by prescribing and still continues to prescribe, the most restrictive off-road legislation in this country. That you have taken the stance that your organization knows what’s best for Yukoners and Yukon businesses that use ATVs. That you back up your proposals by suggesting that studies of jurisdictions with between 100 and 300 times as many ATVs owned per kilometre of trail as the Yukon, show that this is the only option for the Yukon.

We look forward to the government, with public and expert input, creating a solution that meets the needs of Yukoners. That addresses our lack of safe riding legislation and helps preserve the environment.

We as a group don’t presume to have the best and only solutions to these issues, it would be arrogant to think that we alone know what is right for the Yukon public. That is why since day one, all of our discussions have been available in the open, on our website, that we respond respectfully to all comments and input. As our petition says, we only ask the government to consult widely and make a reasoned and informed decision.

Chris May
The Yukon Off-Road Riders Association.

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