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Larry Bagnell should stand up for electoral reform

Wednesday April 5, 2017

There are times when each of us can make a difference in a very concrete way. A change to our electoral system is one of those times.

Our democracy is at risk, as exemplified by the US election. Our opportunity is now. We can start here in the Yukon and full support to those with the quest for change across Canada.

We must show Justin Trudeau that there is a price to pay for his government’s betrayal on electoral reform. Canada needs change that would ensure that voters’ interests are worthwhile and their vote is relevant.

Being multi-partisan is not easy, especially when some of your friends don’t stand up for you. We know that a lot of Liberal MPs support fairer elections but they’ve gone silent. Larry Bagnell has definitely gone silent. Maybe he is embarrassed that Trudeau decided that he would kill electoral reform because it wasn’t going his way, or maybe he doesn’t want to create waves because that is a guaranteed way to stay in the back benches? We need Larry’s support. We need his vote in May to bring back electoral reform to the House.

We are campaigning against this broken promise and asking constituents to send Justin Trudeau a strong message that citizens will work harder to make all their votes count with or without him.

We need to take action to show that Canadians are engaged across the country on this issue.

We are asking citizens to send the postcard back to Justin Trudeau with a clear message that they are voting for real change this time. Our efforts could well make the difference. Yukoners need to vote for a candidate who truly believes in ‘proportional representation’ and will actually work to move this forward.

We won’t be fooled twice and we won’t rest from this quest. The time is now to take some action.

Sue Greetham

Fair Vote Yukon


Buford wrote:
7:47am Sunday April 23, 2017

    So Jack, you don’t understand ‘hard work ’ then?

Carbon neutral wrote:
4:00pm Friday April 21, 2017

@Geoff Q—that is so true. I was interested in these discussions, and still am, but it just seemed like the focus was proportional representation, rather than the broader discussion about civic engagement that would have interested me. I really don’t blame the Liberals for backing off, though I think they could have either taken the reins to not let the PR folk hijack every meeting, or make it a non-partisan committee. There’s a whole lot more that needed to be looked at than a wholesale reworking of the voting system.

BnR wrote:
5:42pm Saturday April 15, 2017

Yeah electoral reform is really big in the Consevrative agenda Sue.

ProScience Greenie wrote:
10:28am Thursday April 13, 2017

Send Jr a postcard eh? Ok, will do Sue.

Dear PM,
Looks like you dropped the electoral reform thing. Good. Carry on, but try to be more frugal with our tax dollars please.
Regards, PSG.

Not the answer wrote:
3:36pm Wednesday April 12, 2017

PR is not the answer. We’ll lose our only voice federally as well as having continuous pandering to fringe parties that perpetuate minority governments

Richard Lung wrote:
11:22am Wednesday April 12, 2017

The important thing about electoral reform is to get it right. The BC Citizens Assembly got it just right. Citizens from urban and remote rural ridings agreed on their respective numbers of seats per constituency. And their study readily could be applied to elections at all levels of government, indeed all official elections, political or or non-political. For, the Single Transferable Vote is the generally applicable electoral system, unlike other so-called forms of Proportional Representation that are merely covers for the parties alone to benefit, by way of commandeering an x-vote as a “party vote.” Richard Lung. “Democracy Science” links 3 free election method e-books.

jack wrote:
10:20pm Tuesday April 11, 2017

but Larry was voted ‘hardest working MP’ ..... whatever that means?

Geoff Q. wrote:
3:56pm Tuesday April 11, 2017

Sue, could you please clarify why Fair Vote has put so much emphasis on proportional representation as the only acceptable option?  The insistence on putting it into every statement and press release has driven me away, when I’m certainly interested and concerned, and have spoken directly to Larry regarding this matter and my disappointment with the Government.  Proportional representation would almost certainly include a relative decrease in the representation of the North, and therefore I support MMP rather than PR.

Nile wrote:
3:08pm Tuesday April 11, 2017

When has Larry ever ever stood up for anything?

Groucho d'North wrote:
11:38am Tuesday April 11, 2017

Larry will toe the party line, despite receiving an award from his caucus pals for not only listening to his constituents - but hearing them too. History repeats and will do so once again.

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