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The award-winning Yukon News is the only newspaper circulated throughout the Yukon and available for free in every community outside of Whitehorse. In the communities, they can be picked up at most post offices and in some hotels and retail stores. In Whitehorse, you can pick up the Yukon News at our downtown office at 211 Wood Street or at your neighbourhood retailer. If you are a retailer and would like to sell the Yukon News, please call us at 667-6285. Or contact stephanien@yukon-news.com.


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The Yukon News is printed twice a week but only our printed edition includes a comprehensive Classifieds section and other advertisements that may tell you about product sales or coming events in your community. The printed editions also include our selection of Canadian Press articles and photographs which are not available on yukon-news.com.
Our circulation department is dedicated to making sure your copy of the Yukon News is readily available. You can have the Yukon News mailed to you, which may take several days or more. The Yukon News is available at local retailers and post offices and for free in Yukon communities outside of Whitehorse.
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The Yukon News welcomes letters from its readers.

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We will not publish a letter without having the full name of the person who wrote it and a daytime contact number so we can confirm the letter's authenticity. Upon request, but only rarely, will the editor agree to withhold the author's name.
If you do not want your name published with your letter, indicate this in the "Additional Comments" field of the online letter to the editor form and explain why. The editor will contact you by telephone if he decides he cannot print your letter anonymously.

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The Yukon News reserves the right to edit your letter for length, clarity, grammar and spelling.

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The Yukon News Editor welcomes news tips, story ideas and information about photo opportunities or news events.

Editorial department

Our professional team of journalists is dedicated to a balanced coverage of events and of what goes on behind the scenes. If you have a news tip, photo opportunity, or would like to comment about a story that appeared in one of our issues, please use the contact us form and select the appropriate Subject title. If you want your comments published, you can write a letter to the editor. You may also contact one of our editors or reporters by calling 667-6285, or by e-mail.

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