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The little Northern paper that could

In 1960, Ken Shortt's dream of running a newspaper that everyone in the Yukon would want to read came true when the Yukon News (née Advertiser) started rolling off the presses. The weekly paper struggled to survive, competing with the Whitehorse Star, a fixture in Whitehorse since 1900. But Shortt's hard work and his teaming up five years later with Dave Robertson eventually turned the thriving weekly into a daily. In 1965, the Yukon News expanded to become the North's first daily newspaper since 1906. Time magazine took note.

The Yukon Daily News failed to survive the pace of five weekly printings and switched back to a weekly paper several years later. Shortt, again running things alone, was exhausted, and so decided to sell to a conglomeration of businessmen. They never quite got the knack of things and Shortt used his savings to rescue the paper. He ran for it a few more years before he finally found a buyer — his old pal, Robertson.

So simple, it worked

Robertson's simple business philosophy was to give Yukoners some good journalism to read. It worked. In 1986, circulation surpassed that of the Whitehorse Star for the first time.

Robertson's approach continued under his son Stephen, who bought the paper in 1989 at the age of 26, after spending more than a decade learning the business. Advertisement sales and staff more than doubled and, under Stephen's direction, a distinct philanthropic personality emerged. Yukon News remains especially dedicated to Whitehorse Food Bank, United Way Society of the Yukon, Adopt a Family, Yukon Learn and Yukon Arts Centre. 

In September 2013, Robertson sold the newspaper to B.C.-based Black Press. Founded in 1975, Black Press now publishes 190 titles in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington state, as well as owning newspapers in Hawaii, Ohio and California. It is home to some of the oldest, most trusted community newspapers in B.C and Alberta, and Black Press continues to support the Yukon News' tradition of producing quality journalism.

Today, the Yukon News is distributed for free to all of the Yukon's 13 disparate communities outside of Whitehorse, reaching a potential readership of all Yukon's 35,000 residents. 

Excellence that endures

The Yukon News' solid reputation for quality writing and investigative work persists. Year after year, the News carries home awards both regionally and nationally for its excellence in journalism, photography, editorials, editorial cartoons and graphic art. 

Recent Awards

The Yukon News is not only the most widely read newspaper in the territory it is also the territory's most awarded paper. Year after year, the News succeeds in defending its place as one of Canada's highest ranking community newspapers. Our top notch team of journalists, photographers and graphic artists make it the most intriguing and eye-catching read around, and the most popular local medium for advertising

2015 Better Newspaper Competition (Canadian Community Newspaper Association)

  • Best Business Feature, first prize, Jesse Winter
  • Best Spot News Photo, first prize, Jesse Winter
  • Best News Story, second prize, Jesse Winter
  • Best Feature Story, third prize, Jesse Winter
  • Best Multimedia Feature, second prize, Alistair Maitland
  • Best National Editorial, first prize, John Thompson
  • Best Environmental Series, second prize, Jacqueline Ronson
  • Best Sports Photo, second prize, Tom Patrick
  • Best Feature Photo, second prize, Alistair Maitland
  • Best Cartoon, third prize, Wyatt Tremblay
  • Best Front Page, third prize, Yukon News
  • Best Headline Writing, third prize, Yukon News
  • Best Website, third prize, Yukon News

2015 Ma Murray Community Newspaper Awards (British Columbia and Yukon Newspaper Association)

  • Best Feature Series, gold, Ashley Joannou
  • Best Column, gold, Keith Halliday
  • Best Portrait Photo, gold, Alistair Maitland
  • Best B&W Feature Photo, silver, Jesse Winter
  • Best Editorial, silver, John Thompson
  • Best Sports Photo, silver, Alistair Maitland
  • Best Classifieds Section, silver, Heidi Neufeld
  • Best Sports Photo, bronze, Tom Patrick
  • Best Feature Series, bronze, Jacqueline Ronson
  • Best History Article, bronze, Ashley Joannou
  • Best Overall Newspaper, bronze, Yukon News

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