Right to No!

"If you look at the Yukon, everything is transparent. There are no secrets." Peter Jenkins, 2005, The New York Times. There is a widespread impression there are no secrets in the Yukon. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

Where’s the beef?

There are serious problems with the territory’s mobile abattoir. First among them, the cost of butchering animals.

A happy problem

And what a race it was. While swollen knees and cramped quadriceps elicit yelps of pain this week from runners in the Klondike Trail of ’98…

Elk Bugling
    'She is a tough cookie,' says husband of found Coquitlam dog walker
      Packaging that won't 'entice' youth among feds' marijuana proposals
        Indigenous grandmother tells the story of raising her grandchildren while poor

          A goofy decision

          At the height of the housing crisis, it seems a bad idea to squander a potential supported-living complex. But that's what the Yukon government has done.

          Staving off the critics

          Today, Yukon Finance Minister Dennis Fentie announced the territory will no longer invest in asset-backed commercial paper.

          It’s time for a public accounting

          The Yukon Public Accounts Committee is responsible for reviewing all reports from the auditor general.

          Stimulus hardens the territory

          In Canada, two jurisdictions escaped the ravages of the global economic meltdown - the Yukon and PEI. Yahoo! But before you break out the bubbly, you should ask whether such spending is sustainable. Or whether it was the best use of the cash.

          Devilish details: Buckway opposes Irwin’s call for accountability

          How did a particular councillor vote on the last city budget? How did they vote on the Black Street upgrade?

          Focus shifts back to the ice

          Canadians can relax. A federal election is unlikely anytime soon. Tuesday’s Throne Speech demonstrated that neither Conservative leader…


          It's been a week, and all we're hearing from the Yukon Hospital Corporation Board is crickets. We've been trying to find out how the Crown-owned corporation is going to handle the overpayment made to its board since last November.

          The new ‘group of seven’

          Our one and only federal seat - the one made famous by political legends like George and Martha Black, Erik Nielsen and Audrey McLaughlin - has been thrust into the eye of the national robocall storm.

          Make the social net more equitable

          Having money does not make somebody smart. It makes them wealthy. Similarly, not having money does not make someone stupid.

          Canada’s double double advantage

          There is a foundation of neediness underpinning Canadian national pride.

          Reason trumps blind fear and anger

          There's a writer on the Globe and Mail website with the handle AP.1 There is scant information on this person. They are intensely private about who they are. And that is curious. Because the opinions they toss around on the Globe site are quite strident.

          Don’t shoot the messenger

          You know something is wrong when a government worker who spends her own time and money to help the territory's needy, while addressing a long-known shortfall in the government's own services, is quickly shown the exit.

          Giving up on network TV

          The ambitious new TV drama Kings started last night. Did anyone watch? You can be excused if you took a pass. These days, adding new shows to your TV roster is a crap shoot. And this is not a reflection on the quality of the stuff being aired. There are p

          Rents ratcheting up

          Yukon rental rates are on the rise. In March, the median monthly rent for Whitehorse hit an all-time high of $825, according to the latest figures from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics.

          The department that isn’t

          The Yukon government will permit a limited deer hunt this year. Hunters can bag 10 adult males, either white-tailed or mule deer.

          The taps are turning

          The Federation of Canadian Municipalities must be commended for resolving to phase out bottled water at their facilities. Municipal water took a hit after the E. coli outbreak in Walkerton, Ontario, in 2000. That widely reported municipal screwup did much

          The good news…

          Sometimes global financial collapse is a good thing. Take the federal election. For months Canadians have been awash in filth, lies and deception…