Northern Tutchone artist says Yukon First Nations art isn’t what it used to be

You know about totem poles. You’ve seen the ravens, bears and thunderbirds on drums and button blankets. You’ve seen them depicted in red, black and blue-green, always using those rounded, bulging, oval-rectangular shapes called ovoids.

Yukon researchers use silicone oil to transport and preserve permafrost samples

Core samples of Yukon permafrost are on a 5,000-kilometre journey to Ottawa to be part of a permanent museum exhibit on the Arctic.

Researchers using drones to map changing Beaufort Sea coastline

There’s a little island off the coast of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories that might be gone a few decades from now.

Money Monitor: How rising interest rates affect mortgages


    New Ikea Canada boss says she’s adjusting to homes with basements


      Money Monitor: Home renos on the rise amid soaring house prices


        MONEY MONITOR: Investing vs. paying down a mortgage


          Scientists, artists team up with Indigenous communities in fight against climate change

          Forty years ago, Margaret Ireland’s father noticed something only the trained eye could see: the shapes of pine needles around the community of Jean Marie River in the Northwest Territories were changing.

          In a town built for thousands, Faro’s 400 souls dream big

          Faro was once a boom town. Most of the people are long gone, but the streets and houses remain.

          Agnico Eagle invests in White Gold mining district

          Another major mining company has invested in Yukon’s White Gold district near Dawson City.

          Winter’s got nothing on us: new restaurant offers comfort food

          Amidst the cold temperatures and near-perpetual darkness, good winter food represents one of humanity’s best ways of making it to the spring.

          Beloved Whitehorse baker kneads some time for himself

          In August 2015, Suat Tuzlak, then the owner of the Alpine Bakery, asked a couple he knew in Germany to post ads in local newspapers. He was looking to sell the very business he started 32 years ago.

          Permafrost melt changing chemistry of the Yukon River

          Melting permafrost is one of the best-known impacts of climate change in the North. Now, new research out of Alaska suggests that vanishing permafrost is having a major impact on the Yukon River.

          Corked raises a glass to fine wine, beer and spirits

          If you’ve ever stopped by the cheese shop in Horwood’s Mall and found yourself wishing you could just nip around the corner for a full-bodied shiraz to go with your Stilton, you’re in luck.

          Roll up your sleeves: There’s a new tattoo artist in town

          Steve Morin started small, tattooing a simple cross on his arm. Today he is the latest professional tattoo artist to open up shop in Whitehorse.

          Meet the Yukon’s prospector of the year

          The 2016 Yukon prospector of the year is a calm, towering, middle-aged man with a Santa Claus-like beard.

          Pelly ranchers: Yukon’s oldest farm does it all

          A visit to the Pelly River Ranch is like entering a funhouse of country mayhem.

          This Yukon magazine is north of awardinary

          With roughly 10 employees and an office not much bigger than a coffee shop, Yukon, North of Ordinary is, by any measure, a small magazine.

          Rawhides: Robert Campbell and the Yukon’s first cattle drive

          The first cattle drive into the Yukon was to have been a small one: two heifers and a young bull, brought from Fort Simpson on the MacKenzie River to Fort Selkirk on the Yukon River in 1852.

          Faro couple conjure creations from things they find in the woods — even fungus and dung

          Lucy Moreira and Rick Charlebois run Lone Wolf Creations, a small Faro home-based business where pieces come together with time, patience, fungus and occasionally a little bit of dung.

          Sky high club: Yukon’s new flight school spreads its wings

          When the 2008 financial crisis hit, Steve Kinoshita was working in Tokyo. All he needed was the right opportunity. That happened last year when his wife saw an article about Alkan Air’s flight school.

          Canadian anthropologist to tell Yukoners about discovery of new human ancestor

          In November 2013, Marina Elliott squeezed through an 18-centimetre-wide vertical passage into an underground chamber in South Africa and began to excavate the bones of what turned out to be a new species of hominid

          For the love of peat: Miners and conservationists study best ways to restore wetlands

          You might not think much of bogs. They’re wet and buggy, sure, and they don’t always smell very nice.

          Learning the tools of the trades

          Cassandra Galbraith discovered her interest in the trades after a comment from a boy she used to date.