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Mount Lorne There is no downtown Mount Lorne and residents are fine with that, thanks. The riding swallows country-residential housing and about…

YESAB: yes, no, maybe so so?

It turns out the much-vaunted Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board is stretched to the max and the projects just keep on coming.

Dog boring summer weather

I am trying my reverse-witching-powers. See, the weather has been awful in Reykjavík this summer. Truly awful.


Saturday, May 5 — Birth of Amar Das, the third Sikh guru, who elevated status of women to full equality with men.

Building a better bus service

Do you ever consider how much it costs to run your car every day? It’s expensive, Bubba. Factor in gas, parking, insurance, wear and tear and…

Changing lanes, yoga and the science of polling

Herbert Hyman died last Monday. Hyman’s name recognition is flat; his influence in contemporary life was not.

Ottawa finally got ‘It’ — now what?

‘It’ is in. If you’ve got It, flaunt It. It’s all the rage about town. Conservatives boast they fully understand It and are…


The Numbers Registered nurses in Yukon, circa 2005: 302. Registered nurses in the territory with more than 20 years experience, circa 2005: 151.

That’s what is

Bobbie McKibbin has been called “the best landscape painter in the Midwest.” A flock of wild turkeys have staked out territory on the…

Editor missed the mark

It is generally not my position to respond to an editorial because I truly believe in the right of the press to offer an opinion and use the…

Prisoners of conscience

The poster has weathered a lot of abuse. It has been carried across continents and countries, from student dwellings through a succession of family…

Letter to the Editor

Careless parents cause chaos The most telling sentence in Rich Maerov’s story about the end of Gecko’z is the very last, where he quotes…

Leafs may build a young line up starting with a 41 year old goalie

I’m from Toronto, so I know the enthusiasm of its sports fans is wishy-washy at the best of times.

Fentie is dancing with lady luck

All politics — indeed all of human activity — is physics. Physics is all about space (which in ordinary parlance means place) and time.

A peek through a looking glass

Paul Vieria, CEO of the Hay River Health and Social Services Authority, resigned earlier this month. Hospital employees wept.

Letter to the Editor

Get Canadian troops out of Afghanistan  We are told that Canada is in Afghanistan to contribute to the establishment of stability and…

Fentie’s misinformation campaign

When it comes to wayward government investments, there’s misinformation in the public domain. Finance Minister Dennis Fentie is the source.

Praise the letter writers

Writing isn’t easy. It takes time and effort to sit down with a pen and paper, typewriter (apparently there are a few left) or your computer…

Tasers and police shouldn’t mix

Andy Russell wasn’t a fan of carrying a rifle in the bush. He thought it changed a man’s approach to the woods and its dangers,…

We brutalize ourselves when we butcher seals

The “harvest” of harp and hood seals is one of the most difficult problems I have dealt with in the last several years.