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A post Games analysis

Halifax has withdrawn its bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The decision was announced just as the Canada Winter Games were wrapping up.

Face the limits of democracy

The low craggy rock outcrop rises no more than about 150 metres above sea level. Actually, the harbour of Pireaus on the Saronic Gulf and the true…

Letter to the Editor

Hougen Group supports artists As a member of the business community, we would like to express our views on the public art galleries in our community.

Can sailors survive in dusty Afghanistan?

Canada’s military leaders are getting desperate. How desperate? Well, they’ve reached the point where they are considering sending the…

The rich lounge upon the masses

The dog days of summer can test one’s endurance. High temperatures coupled with equally high humidity demand slow movement.

Robocall deserves more than roboreply

Maybe it was just a matter of time before the robocall scandal surfaced in the Yukon. All things - good and bad - eventually wend their way north. Housing booms, fresh vegetables and, as it turns out, even voter-suppression tactics.

Letter to the Editor

Day-care proposal violates city plan and bylaws I am writing to clarify some of the issues regarding the application to rezone 710 Jarvis St.

What, exactly, is ‘benign legality’?

The Yukon Environmental Act states that a State of the Environment report “shall” be drafted every three years.

Exploring the last frontier — inner space

Last week, astrophysicist and popular science writer Stephen Hawking brought me right down to earth. Hawking, in Hong Kong to deliver a lecture,…

Letter to the Editor

Flying with eagles Will Gadd, the world paragliding distance record holder, was in Whitehorse two weeks ago.

Fishing for truth

Fly fishing with a friend along a narrow stretch of Aishihik River, I let my mind wander. Stream fishing is the perfect environment for aimless…

Canada’s Conservatives: thoughtless in Gaza

Israeli mortars struck a UN school in northern Gaza on Tuesday, killing more than 40 people. Soldiers claimed they were returning fire, at first…

Writers’ festival is underway

Live Words 2008, the Yukon Writers’ Festival, continues this week. Guest writers from across Canada include: Kevin Chong (novelist), Ivan…

The scam of war

If you travel to Kabul, Afghanistan today, and if you have plenty of money, you can stay at the five-star Serena Hotel, where rooms range from $250…

Breach of trust

According to federal laws, you can do whatever you want to your personal property. And that may seem OK, until you consider that, under those same…

Should Saddam Hussein hang?

According to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, it would be imprudent to hang Saddam Hussein this year, despite his conviction for mass murder.

Welcome to star spangled Canada

Decked out in swanky new shoes, Federal Finance minister Jim Flaherty delivered his first budget. The government is weak — it controls only…


McDonald's Yukon Championships 2008 Cross-Field – June 13-15th U-9 TEAMS Division A: 1. Yukon News 2. Yellow Truck Excavating 3.

Letter to the Editor

Consider the children This letter is in support of Lori Austin’s attempt to open a day care in the downtown residential area on Jarvis Street.

Gluttony on the podium: Where are Canada’s competitive eaters?

Shortly before his death, US president John F. Kennedy said, “The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.