Vivian Belik

Jumping on a bus pays off

Michael Roschlau wants to see more buses put to work on city streets. Doing so would create more jobs and lower long-term health-care costs across the country, said the Canadian Urban Transit Association CEO.

Feral horses looking for a home

Concerns a group of feral horses may get sent to a slaughterhouse if they're not bought at auction are unfounded, says the Yukon's director of agriculture.

Edelweiss grounded


Amping up the sound of ‘Random Radio’

There's a scene in the 1990 movie Pump up the Volume where Mark, the high school outcast played by Christian Slater, first broadcasts an illegal FM radio signal from his parent's basement.

Education pulls French programming in Dawson

There are few options for francophone students living in Dawson. This school year, there are even less.

Late fire chief touted as namesake for new hall

More than 200 people have signed onto a Facebook group calling on Whitehorse to name its new public safety building after late fire chief Brian Monahan.

Yukon Artists at Work find a home

The future home of the Yukon Artists at Work rings with the noise of drill bits and hammers. In a month, the space, located in the old Yamaha Motors building, will be completely transformed.

First Air grounds Whitehorse flight

First Air has cut service from Yellowknife to Whitehorse. The northern airline will discontinue its thrice-weekly flight beginning March 27th.

Tank farm site officially contaminated

Whitehorse may have lost another area for residential development...

Finding ways to fondly remember the dead

Walking into Hospice Yukon you notice a peaceful calm, an unusual break from the rushing cars moving down Fourth Avenue. Instrumental music plays quietly in the background and soft chairs beckon.

Greenery rises from the rot

Landfill manager Dan Jordan likens composting to baking a cake. It's a strange analogy when you consider what's cooking away at the city's landfill is far from edible.

Copenhagen provides opportunities, says Streicker

The stakes are high at the Copenhagen climate change conference, says climate change specialist John Streicker, and yet Yukoners still don't what their government will be talking about when they're there.

Swine flu shots will soon be available

The Yukon is more than ready for the swine flu season. The Yukon government has 55,000 doses of the vaccine stockpiled in health facilities around the territory.

City proceeds with controversial infill sites

The city is turning a deaf ear to citizens opposed to potential infill sites in Riverdale, Porter Creek and McIntyre Creek.

Women’s groups to get more money

Community groups working on behalf of women will receive a boost of government funding this year. On Thursday, the Yukon government announced an additional $521,000 in operational funding to women's organizations

Whitehorse has gutted OCP: municipal expert

The word "shall" appears 251 times in the revised 2002 Official Community Plan, an average of 2.2 times per page. But the city is proposing cutting "shall" out of its 2009 version of the plan, replacing it with "may. It seems a small change, but it's significant.

Dawson short on docs

When it is struggling to keep a single doctor in town, Dawson City residents are wondering how the Yukon government will staff a hospital. Two weeks ago the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board held a public meeting.

Dawson water board hearing delayed

Dawson water board hearing delayed Darrel Carey's application to the Yukon Water Board for a proposed placer mine in Dawson has been delayed. Carey needs his licence approved before he can build a placer mine on Dawson's Midnight Dome.

Skier dies in avalanche

A 29-year-old Whitehorse man died on the weekend after getting swept away by an avalanche in Kluane National Park. Jan Galac and three of his friends set out for a three-day backcountry ski trip in the Observation Mountain area on Saturday.

Program gives aboriginal children a head start

This May, Linda Hueloschwerlen will watch her son graduate high school. She credits his success, in part, to the Yukon aboriginal head start program.