Leighann Chalykoff

New agreement to spur lot development in Whitehorse

After lost time and money on failed residential development in subdivisions around Whitehorse, the city and the territory have struck a deal on…

White Stripes sell out in 12 minutes

‘I’m crying inside, I just got broken,” said Ashton Mason, who was disappointed after spending 20 hours in line for White Stripes…

The Earth turns an eye on itself

Some artists depict the landscape through paint or graphite.  And some use the land as a medium to make sculptures and installations.

Four grow oppers acquitted

On Monday morning there were seven names on the court docket. Five minutes later, just three remained.

Economy fuels demand for housing lots

The Yukon government wants to put more public land into private hands, said Resources minister Archie Lang.

The Capital’s drugs are history: owner

The drug dealers were here, but they’re gone now, said Capital Hotel co-owner Maurice Byblow, while sitting in its bar on Monday afternoon.

Doors of Dawson’s historic home open to another realm

Jude Griebel doesn’t have to lay eyes on a ghost to believe they exist. As the current resident of Macaulay House, the Vancouver-based artist…

Play is a triumph of talent over title

The title is revolting, the plot hokey, the characters are overwrought, the acting is atrocious and the dancing ridiculous.

Creative condom campaign scores with athletes

A new Yukon Health department campaign is encouraging Canada Winter Games athletes to keep safe — whether they’re playing on the field or…

Welcome to the new brand Yukon

Forget the Magic and the Mystery. The Yukon is no longer Canada’s True North. Now it’s Larger Than Life.

Tradition fuses with modern art at the Northern Nations tent

It’s not often you see elders bopping to hip-hop beats. But as smells of bannock and bison stew filled the air in the Northern Nations tent on…

Source of fuel leak remains a mystery

Two years and $200,000 later, the Yukon government is closing the book on its search for a fuel leak, which contaminated soil in parts of downtown…

Yukon girls routed, but resilient

 goaltender is the lynchpin of any hockey team. It’s a tough job — mostly thankless and without glory.

Fools, artists and horned beasts hang out at the arts centre

In tarot lore the fool is a man who doesn’t look before he leaps. He is exuberant and unknowing, and he has a tragic flaw.

Local entrepreneur wins big with her business for businesses

Katrina Russell is no paraskavedekatriaphobiac. In fact, this year Friday the 13th proved to be an auspicious date for the young Whitehorse business…

CNIB tools teach Yukoners to live well with vision loss

Brad Waghorn began losing his sight at age 25 to optic nerve atrophy. It was permanent and degenerative — as the optic nerve deteriorated so…

Fentie misusing emergency measure, says opposition

The Yukon Party is taking advantage of the system by shying from public accountability and scrutiny of government spending, said NDP leader Todd…

Up Here magazine covers its backside

A northern airline has pulled a ‘cheeky’ magazine from its planes. Airline Canadian North says Up Here magazine’s cover image…

Date rape drug reports rise, men often targets

It was a strange sort of pub-crawl. A dozen counsellors and volunteers gathered at the victim’s services building in downtown Whitehorse on a…

Former addict proposes treatment home

John has spent more than $20,000 on alcohol and cocaine in the past year. He’s on social assistance and spends his days hanging out with…