Graeme McElheran

Fanfare fades as mining kit scrutinized

Ottawa and industry groups spent $50,000 crafting the Mining Information Kit for Aboriginal Communities that, by itself, is useless.

No ‘substantive’ changes to workplace regulations

Peter Jenkins’ last official act before leaving cabinet in November was approving the occupational health and safety regulations that had…

Two Mile Hill gets the heaves

Every winter the silty material underneath Two Mile Hill freezes and then thaws in the spring, causing cracks in the asphalt.

Northern Affairs needs to be disbanded, says Gwitchin chief

EDMONTON It’s time for Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, which governs the country’s three northern territories and its aboriginal…

our voodoo wedding

LOME, Togo First the voodoo priest wanted to know our names. Seated inside a darkened shack at the edge of La Marche des Fetishes, Ganyehessou…

public transport a way of african life

I wonder if they’ll ever get this rig moving. I’ve been sitting in this butt-numbing position  —  doubled-over, knees…

lessons in tolerance

KUMASI, Ghana Inside the inner courtyard at Manhyia Palace, heart of the Ashanti Kingdom, a westerner would need an anthropologist’s knowledge…

the value of volunteer appearances

KUMASI, Ghana There are four types of oburonis, or foreigners, to be found in West Africa. The most established are the expatriates, folks from…

un weaning liberia out of ghana

It’s hard to write about a thing when you know next to nothing about it. Consider life in a refugee camp.

christianity keeps colonial legacy alive

KUMASI, Ghana I met Larry several months ago on the bus to Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.

my kingdom for a baguette

KUMASI, Ghana Walking down to the guesthouse at the end of the day the aroma of roasting meat wafted into my nostrils.

Small faith in Africa’s big men

The soldier glared at me disapprovingly. “I have been told to detain you,” he said, explaining that my suspicious behaviour had been…

African oil: blessing or curse?

eople in Ghana don’t really know what to expect from oil companies that are jockeying for position on the West African nation’s Atlantic…

in ghana journalists just dont get it

KUMASI, Ghana Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie used to wonder why Whitehorse journalists didn’t do more to “promote the territory.

african struggles with ecotourism

MOUNT CAMEROON, Cameroon The relentless gain in altitude brought respite from the equatorial heat as we trudged upwards through the rainforest of…

a silent witness to african conflict

ACCRA, Ghana The afternoon was hot and I wanted ice cream. They sell it at Frankie’s, a popular joint in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, where…

cameroon official scams silver lining from tragedy

DOUALA, Cameroon The man who called himself Nkankam was drinking beer outside a bakery in Douala on a Sunday morning.

ghana gambles on high flying hopes

NKAWKAW, Ghana Carlos Ampeh couldn’t afford to jump off a cliff, but he wasn’t about to let white folks and rich Ghanaians be the only…

nigerians abroad cant go home yet

You could hardly blame Christopher Ani for not voting in Nigeria’s April elections. A native Nigerian from the southeastern Enugu state, Ani,…

legend of slavery omits reality in africa

It’s hard to imagine 1,000 men and women packed into these dank underground dungeons for months at a time.