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In Brief

JUSTICE Threats issued after 74 dogs shot On Thursday, territorial court judge Heino Lilles issued a six-month peace bond to Jim Foesier’s…

Where is the wounded bear?

In the Yukon, a garbage bear is a dead bear. But one dumpster diver might have dodged death, if not the bullet.

Wrong number, says nurse

Dial three digits on a cellphone and you can talk to a BC nurse who knows all about aches, bumps and odd-looking spots.

Yukon musician stands in for Jesus

He’s big in Taiwan. In fact, Yukon musician Mathew Lien’s so big — he replaced Jesus.

An empty youth shelter tug of war

If there are youth in Whitehorse trading sex for shelter, Chris Nash hasn't met them. The emergency youth shelter co-ordinator has been on the job for three and a half years, working for Skookum Jim Friendship Centre.

The $160,000 ram

How much is a Dall sheep worth? This year, for the first time, sheep permits are being issued for two rams in the Kluane Wildlife Preserve.

Don’t forget to go dancing now and then

Clara Schinkel loved to dance in big, high-heeled shoes. Even after arthritis bowed her body, the 70-year old wolf clan matriarch was sometimes…

Jazz series lures more musicians north

Scott Wilson likes jazz so much, he was willing to commute to Whitehorse from Watson Lake once a week just to practise.

  • Mar 18, 2006

Hell is full of ukuleles

Whitehorse is going to hell. So is Dawson City, for that matter. And when it happens, there will be ukuleles.

Fentie reorganizes cabinet

On Thursday, Premier Dennis Fentie shuffled his entire cabinet. It won’t make any difference, said acting Liberal Leader Don Inverarity.

Don’t be cynical: Yukon Energy

Yukon Energy Corporation president David Morrison has had "a road-to-Damascus moment." At least, that's what Stuart Hickox thinks. The energy-saving pundit is in Whitehorse to promote the utility's upcoming charette.

No food, no race

Josh Cadzow's dogs didn't trust him. About a kilometre and a half after he left Dawson on Friday morning, the leaders quit. "No one believed in me," said the 21-year-old Fort Yukon rookie. Two days earlier, Cadzow ran out of dog food 160 kilom

Footrace to the finish

Michelle Phillips and Martin Buser came racing down the finish chute neck-and-neck on Tuesday night. Pedalling hard, with headlamps bobbing, both mushers were vying for fourth place. Buser passed under...

Food bank takes stock

Hundreds of hungry Yukoners who have struggled without a food bank for years may finally get a chance to start filling their plates.

YEC doggedly pursues Gladstone and Atlin

The Champagne and Aishihik First Nations don't support Yukon Energy's Gladstone proposal.

Dawson residential school finally recognized by feds

The night after he heard the news, Richard Dixon couldn’t sleep. On Wednesday, the 86-year-old learned St.

Last minute crises temper pre race jitters

An hour before the 1,600-kilometre Yukon Quest was set to start most mushers pack their sleds. Kyla Boivin was tearing hers apart. The Fish Lake musher was worried it wouldn't hold up in the jumble ice - expec

Missing aboriginal women ignored

Angel Carlick’s disappearance and death is one of many. There are missing and murdered aboriginal women all across the country, said Native…

Sex gets funnier with age

Sharone Maldaver isn’t worried about vaginal atrophy. The 66-year-old knows there’s more to life than “worshiping…

Learning disabilities make school days hellish

Barb Bergsma deftly moved three fingers on her left hand. That’s the word “the,” she said.