Genesee Keevil

Trevor is the tip of the iceberg

Trevor is one lucky dog. The German shepherd/Rottweiler cross was set to be euthanized by bylaw services after biting at least three Yukoners. But a Supreme Court hearing on Thursday gave him another chance.

Barren trail casts pallor over Quest banquet

FAIRBANKS There were many tense mushers at the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race start banquet on Thursday night.

When the agressor becomes the victim

The man threw the woman down and kicked her in the ribs, knocking the wind out of her. Then he reached down and started choking her. Pinned on the ground, struggling to breathe, the woman managed to grab a rock and hit her assailant on the head.

Dark of the Moon lacks magic

The Guild’s production of Dark of the Moon is supposed to be unsettling. The program even comes with a warning — “Mature content:…

The strange case of the blacklisted musher

Twelve-year-old Dylan Salvisberg made the cut. A gold ulu may be waiting for him at the Arctic Winter Games this winter.

Liberals tackle trades

The Liberals would build a new trades wing at FH Collins, if elected. It would cost $10 million, said Riverdale South candidate Dan Curtis on Monday.

Jumpin’ on the Kid’s beat

Kid Koala is scratching for a new breed of cats. Translation: The hip Montreal DJ is playing to a new audience. Moms.

Little lab gets national accreditation

A tiny, tidy water lab in the Environmental Health Services building is responsible for safeguarding the territory’s drinking water.

No homeless hotels here

Whitehorse's hardest-to-house lost a champion this week. The Northern City Supportive Housing Coalition is withdrawing its proposal to build a 20-room supported apartment complex in downtown Whitehorse.

Riverdale to host affordable housing

After 14 years, single parents waiting for new affordable housing in the territory only have a couple more years to go.

Green Party candidate suggests society learn from mistakes

After a casual glance at his job and his sunny approach to life, you might believe the Yukon’s federal Green Party candidate is at odds with…

Laughter muscles get a workout

There was a clown in Peak Fitness. But the muscle-obsessed teenagers weren’t laughing. They were ticked off and angry.

Dog dies on Quest trail

Jewel died on the Yukon Quest trail, Sunday. The five-year-old female husky was running on Yuka Honda’s team.

Self made man generated a self starter

A prairie boy fresh out of high school, Allen Taylor started working at the Royal Bank of Canada as a junior clerk.

Worms weren’t on the menu

Finding a worm in their meal was bad enough. But when it started crawling up her husband's arm, Sarah Smith lost it. "I'm not a dramatic person," said Smith, who asked to remain anonymous because she works a very public job.

When it’s this close, it’s time to spoon

CARMACKS After they pulled into Carmacks three minutes apart, Quest champ Lance Mackey was ready to cuddle up with Ken Anderson.

YTG part of the nursing shortage problem

While the number of nurses employed in the territory is on the rise, the number of full-time nurses is dropping.

Dawson gets the deep shaft

Two towns in Manitoba have sworn off deep-shaft sewage treatment plants, similar to the one Dawson City plans to build. Last week, Ketza Construction Corp.

Arts cuts, HIV and chicken in a can

The HIV-positive blood-soaked paper towel wouldn't have made it to Whitehorse if Prime Minister Stephen Harper had his way. It's part of the Yukon Arts Centre gallery's most recent show De L'Ecriture/With Writing -- one of...

Northerners are missing the bus

Three times a week, Greyhound bus passengers enter Watson Lake’s Gateway Motor Inn for hot food and drinks.